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What Will BandwidthCamp Be Like In 2007

I took an extra day off yesterday and used that time to reflect on what I wanted from this blog in 2007. I wanted to grow more professional, but also use this blog as a tool to connect and meet more PR bloggers and grow my network. I hope to have my blog stand out as I connect gaming and PR, and show what this entertainment medium has to offer. Videogames are changing quickly these days and as Nintendo’s Wii grows in popularity, so does the hobby I’ve loved since I was 8. If you come to this blog on a regular bases, I hope to cover the following:

Game Industry
I’m going to cover examples of good and bad PR within the industry, but also point out interesting articles that show a lot of the benefits being involved with Light Bulbvideogames can bring. We often get a bad reputation from mainstream press who blow story’s and situations out of context or report on issues that might not be as bad as they said, due to a lack of knowledge and just wanting to sell papers. Sex, and violence are in videogames and have been for a long time, this is nothing new and the mainstream press needs to realize this. Your child won’t find anything worse in videogames then what he/she would find on basic cable late at night. You can also check out my delicious links in the sidebar for interesting press on the industry. Tomorrow I’ll cover Child’s Play and show how gamers are giving back to kids around the globe at Christmas.

Public Relations
I love PR as much as I love gaming. Here I hope to cover online and traditional PR, but also join in on the conversation and share my view point. Who knows, maybe I’ll even help the industry as a whole in some way. You can also check out my delicious links in the sidebar for interesting press on the industry.

Feature: Gaming PR
I wanted to do a mini-case study on gaming PR. Every few months I would profile a game after it has been released and see what worked and what didn’t. More and more games are using online PR and social networks to reach out to more gamers and people around the world and highlighting some of these would make for an interesting study. However, I’m going to attempt to use video instead of text and pictures to illustrate my point. I’m still working on the logistics of it all, but Rayman Raving Rabbids for Nintendo’s Wii will be my first case study.

This is where I wanted to share my lessons learned. Starting your own company is never easy and being young brings its own advantages and disadvantages to the table. I’ve already learned a couple valuable lessons and I hope to share them as we move into 2007.

So these are the four areas I want this blog of mines to cover. I’ll share, I’ll learn and I’ll grow and I hope you do too. I’m going to take it one blog post at a time and see where it leads me. I know things could change as the year goes on, but that’s the future and I’ll worry about it when I get there,.. mostly.

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