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The Top 5 Commandments Of Creating Amazing Remarketing Experiences


Creating amazing remarketing isn’t hard but it certainly isn’t easy too. Trying to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase and then convincing them to come back and but is tricky. There are people online, 3.4 Billion right now, who find remarketing creepy. People don’t know how to make the ads stop, let along how and why they are seeing those ads in the first place.

If you’re doing remarketing right now or have always wanted to get started. These are the 5 areas of your campaigns I’d look at to punch above your weight and make sure your campaigns standout from competition and don’t make people hate your brand.

Frequency Caping
Even to this day I still see brads show me their banners all day every day with no cap on the number of views a day. Maybe they think if they try to overwhelm me with ads I’ll buy their ad platform. Nothing could be farther from the true. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but I start out with capping my ads at 2 – 3 views/day. You can test having your ad show less or more then that but you don’t want your potential customers get brand fatigued. Remarketing is very much a marathon not a sprint. It’s a gentle reminder not a bash over the head.

Age Segmentation
If you’re on AdWords or any advertising platform that lets you segment by age, do it. You can waste a lot of impressions and spend by targeting people who aren’t going to convert on your product. At my last couple startups, it has generally been 25 – 44 year olds that converted the most and that’s the case again at Unbounce. Running the same ad but having different ad groups/sets by your age demo can help you understand who’s converting and who’s just looking at your product and not buying.

Location Segmentation
Why target the whole country?…. when you can look at major cities or certain states & provinces for each country. Limiting the location of your ads and who you target, can save you time and money as you don’t have to worry about targeting people who have no interest in your product. Look at Google Analytics or your analytics package to see what markets you’re strong in. What markets make up 80-90% of your business. Those are the regions I’d want to run marketing in.

Cookie/Look Back Window
Most platforms default to 30 days, Twitter does 14 days. So unless you’re in an industry with a long sale window; mortgages, insurance, cars or industrial equipment. Keep your look back window to 30 days or less. Very few people will convert after seeing your ads for 30+ days none stop. Plus after 30 days, it’s just annoying to see ads for a brand you may not care about.

Use a variety of creative. Having a set of pure brand creative is fine, but make sure to mix it up with other creative that goes super niche. 10 remarketing lists of 100 people with great creative is always superior to one remarking list of 1000 people and generic creative. Keep message match in mind; make sure your ad and landing page match and is consistent. The way to find ad copy for your remarking is by interviewing customers and talking with CS team. If your homepage is not answering their questions and helping the customer, that’s a golden opportunity to put it in your remarketing.

If you follow the 5 philosophies above and reimagine your remarketing moving forward. You’re going to see pay off in the long run. Remember this is a marathon and not a spring.

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