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The Snippets Extension Header You Pick Affect CPCs and Profitability


Last week I setup a new AdWords account for a two-sided market site focused on aged care for seniors. The client is based in London and has goals to spread across the UK in the long run. While setting up AdWords and going through my process, I got to AdWords extensions and more so the snippet extensions and paused.

snippetYou’ve just over a dozen options to pick as your header, including Black Friday & Cyber Monday, for your snippet extension.

The header helps tell customers what your offerings fall under. Hotels can show amenities; universities can show degrees and travel brands can show neighbourhoods or destinations as options.

For my new clients, I felt they could fall on Types, Amenities and Service Catalog for their header. I was torn between the former two but something told me to try Service Catalog as well. So I picked all three and decided to see what AdWords approved.

After a few days I found out the system approved all three. The account went into review and even after a review by Google’s business team, I was still approved for all three snippet headers. What really caught me off guard was that after running for November and seeing decent traffic to the account…. I started to see a shift in my costs, CPCs and over all my CPA too.

Snippet Performance

This left me with more questions then answers now.

  • Is Service Catalog cheaper because less brands/competitors use that header?
  • With no direct cost for a click on a snippets, how can the ad be cheaper?
    • where all else remains equal.
  • Will this shift in costs maintain as we expand beyond London to across the UK?
  • Does cheap ads mean cheap snippets?

A difference of 12% early in an accounts history does’t seem like a lot of money now, however, 3 years from now when we’re spending hundreds of pounds a month and are across Europe. A savings 12% and a reduction in CPA is going to be helpful. Profitable growth is key.

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