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The Importance Of Over Communicating As You Grow

When your company is a single person. There is no need to worry about communication as much because there is no one else to talk to. Maybe you have external clients to talk with by phone and email but that’s a different type of communication. It’s similar to doing the marketing for your company to the outside world.

When you’re two people or any number under 10. You’ve to almost make sure that you keep in mind what you say and how you say it to the team because these are the people who are going to communicate your brand and help grow your culture.

However, you’ve to remember how you act and the non-verbal signals that you send because those are almost as important, if not more important, then what you say. 90% of communication that is given is non-verbal. You don’t want what you say and do to be out of sync. You also don’t want to create a place that is do as I say and not as  I do. This creates an environment of resentment for your small team as there looks like there are two sets of rules in the working environment.

A leader, or one in training who wants to lead a company, should lead by example and show their team what is expected everyday of the week and when you’re not in the room because you’re hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in a balmy August summer.

As I get ready to on-board my second team member, I can’t help but keep on thinking about what I say, what I do and how I say things to each person. If there is one major lesson after living in the UK for two years…it is this: over communicating important tasks/ideas/vision is ok and encouraged. You want to do it until the other person tells you to stop. If the other person asks you to stop, ask them to explain back what you’ve been saying to make sure they truly understand. You can never say something important to much because usually saying it once or twice isn’t enough. If you’re not over communicating right now… you should change that.

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