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Skittles Scandal: Tracking the Skittles Experiment [Friday March 20th]

SkittlesWith the exception of the new Transplant the Rainbow video receiving some great numbers this week. The overall campaign for Skittles is starting to drop even faster then last week.

YouTube (views)
Transplant the Rainbow: 10,615
Skittles – Tailor: 5,766 Views
Skittles – Sour Man: 4,607 Views
Skittles – Pinata Man: 4,285 Views
Since the new video, Transplant the Rainbow, was added last week. It was went from 2,000+ views to over 10,000 in a week. The other videos aren’t connecting as well as this new one.

Twitter Search: 100 Search Pages with 24 Hours
We are now starting to see a decline in the Twitter Search results. It took a mere 24 hours for the “Skittles” terms to reach its 100 page results limit two weeks ago. Today we are seeing that it’s taking almost 4 days to reach the same end point, which is also 24 hours longer the last week. This is a telling sign that the Skittles momentum is starting to wear down after just a few weeks of being on the scene.

Facebook Friends: 610,857
Skittles has a lot of friends on their profile page and this week is no different. They have about 2,000 more then last week. I’m starting to wonder if there is a limit of friends you have on Facebook. Even Obama doesn’t have more then 1 million friends. It’ll be interesting to see what the first company/product/service/person is to reach 1 million friends.

Flickr: Photos: 17,441
As I mentioned last week, the number of photos on Flickr is going to be the most interesting of the key metrics to track. We are only seeing an increas of 100+ photos in the last week. This can’t be a good sign for the longevity of this campaign.

Next week, well be the last week I track the stats for this campaign besides doing an overall analyze on April 3rd. Skittles you have lost your mojo and you are going to need some help getting it back.

Skittles Scandal: Tracking the Skittles Experiment [Friday March 6th]

Bag of Skittles

A few days ago I called the skittles experiment a success from the generating of buzz/press. I won’t pretend that this week is going to increase their sales, it might but that’s a long term effect of this past week more then anything else.

However, I wanted to see if my take on the situation was valid. So I’m doing what anyone who does research, strategy and recommendation in their job. I’m going to tracking some metrics over the next 4 weeks and see where it takes Skittles. If this proves a semi-successful process then I hope to take it into a long-term view of the Skittles experiment. I’m going to track four social media applications including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr. All the results below are as of Friday March 6th at 11am EST.

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Skittles + Social Media = New Power Couple

For the last 24 hours all anyone could talk about, good or bad, was the new Skittles site launch. If you head over to the Twitter search page, you can track what everyone is saying in real time. The topic is so hot tonight that it’s on the main page for daily trend results:

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