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The Changing Demographic And Our Future [Video Game Marketing]

Ad Age had an article today, Making Marketing as Creative as Its Games, talking with Brad Jakeman, Activision’s chief creative officer. He talked about the changing demographics in video games and how it’s not just about the 14 year old in their moms basement.

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The Human Joystick; Eisner Thinks The Product Comes Before The Audience & More Wii Fit Conspiracy Then You Can Shack A Stick At

Here’s a few of the things that caught my eye on the blogosphere this past week:

Reactrix has signed a deal with National CineMedia to create interactive displays in theater lobbies in the US. National CineMedia also developed a program called AdverGame that allows the audience in movie theaters to move as one fluid team and act like a human joystick. The program is currently available on 750 screens in 50 theaters in the top 20 markets. National CineMedia launched this with Brand Experience Lab, which is the same team who helped MSNBC.com launched last year with a RSS newsfeed on the big screen.

Eisner thinks the product comes before the audience. Not saying he’s wrong but maybe you need both to have a good execution. Branded Entertainment is only as good as when you target the right audience.

In fact, his company’s first major foray into branded entertainment, a web series for sports trading-card company Topps called “Back on Topps,” only came about because he acquired the brand last year. “We never thought, Who’s the audience? [People] are saying the internet is made up of 13-year-olds, so gear toward them. But I just don’t think you should. I like to make it, then figure out who to reach.”

A guy filmed his girlfriend using Wii Fit and uploaded the video to YouTube. After two million views and Nintendo PR getting wind of the video.. they had to come out and say they had nothing to do with it. The guys works in advertising and some people tried to put two and two together.

Game Cheats: GTA4, Mario Kart Wii And Halo 3 [Research]

I started taking marketing research this semester at school and I’m beginning to think it’s an area I would like to explore more in marketing. I’ve always known how important it is but this class is opening my eyes. The boys and girls over at hitwise have done an analized how sufers have been searching about a game pre, during and post launch.

Interestingly, 99%+ of search traffic to the top 2 cheat sites comes from organic rather than paid search, implying that this would be a good area to develop content for search engine optimization (SEO).

It would be interesting to run a fan site for a new series/franchise and use the cheat section as an anchor for driving traffic to the rest of your site. Search engine optimization (SEO) is so important and one think I think more clients should be thinking about. Take the article for a spin and see what the past can tell us about the future and designing a video game website… from the ground up.

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Wii Advertising In Downtown Chile

Wii logo

New Generation is showing how in Chile they are in directly advertising the will. A store owner has hooked up a Wii to a big screen and let people play Wii Sports. I would love to do this at Dundas Square/Toronto Life.

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Interactive Gaming: Wii-Like Game System Works With LCD TVs For Advertising

Last week at Consumer Electronics Association (CES) Reactrix Systems launched a Wii like gaming system for interactive advertising. My first gut reaction after seeing the press release was that this would be great for advergames.

The Reactrix technology is called WaveScape, and it was demonstrated on Samsung’s large-format 570DX display at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. Above the display was a sensor that kept track of a person’s hand and body movements so they could interact with an on-screen game. The sensor can cover five meters.

This sounds an awful lot like the Wii. The only difference is that they are going after the corporate market, for now.

Despite the technology’s almost universal appeal, Reactrix has no plans to launch a version for consumers.

“We wish we did, because we want to get this to as many people as possible, but rest assured we will get there.

“Our first application is going to be advertising and interactive signage,” said Matt Bell, who is chief scientist at Reactrix and developed the system. “Our first roll-out of these displays will be in the second half of this year in 150 Hilton hotels. They’ll be a mixture of fun, interactive games and information about hotel services.”

I think the system is a great idea and pretty smart to go after the corporate market. The only problem is that they have keep the costs of the system down otherwise the corporate market will just go out and buy a Nintendo Wii. It has more brand appeal and everyone knows what a Nintendo Wii is after being the hottest sought after toy this holidays season for a second year in a row. Having worked with Coca-Cola, The Amazing Race and Hilton hotels, we should start seeing a lot of these around town.