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Facebook Isn’t Stealing YouTube’s Crown Just Yet


Since late last year and as we just hit YouTube’s 10th birthday yesterday. Everyone seems to be talking about Facebook hitting 4 billion video views. These same people think that Facebook is killing it on video and stealing YouTube’s crown. However, I’m not so sure about that for three reasons:

Organic Search
When I start a search at Google or even Bing, I don’t see videos on Facebook come up as a search result. Whether I search for shows, movie trailers or clips from a TV show….this is a problem for Facebook because teens still love YouTube.

AutoPlay Video
No one likes them and yet Facebook seems hell bent on forcing videos down our throat. Until Facebook breaks out autoplay VS “click to watch” videos, we may never know how interested people are in our videos. The only thing worse is autoplay music on sites.

Fake Accounts
If 5-11% of accounts are fake on Facebook. How many of those accounts are repeatedly playing videos to appear like a real account. We already know click farms are huge on Facebook and fake liking groups. Wouldn’t this be the next logical step?

Don’t get me wrong, Facebook is doing well in video because they are realigning the company into mobile, which is a huge way that many people watch video. However, until the above changes, I don’t see Facebook being king of video.  Someone will take YouTube’s crown one day but that day hasn’t happened yet.

Update: What’s A Video View On Facebook. (hint: Only 3 Seconds Vs. 30 At YouTube)

Sizing Up the Social Habits of 2014 High School Grads

Youth Media Habits 2014 7 thousand teenagers were asked what platforms they use. The only things not surprising in this report is that YouTube and Netflix are the leading videos services. Other findings:

  • Over 70% don’t read BuzzFeed, Mashable, Funny or Die, Gawker or TMZ
  • 82% still use text/sms as their major form of messaging
  • Pandora & iTunes still dominate over Spotify
  • Only 8 percent of students reporting use of professional networking service Linkedin.

Where do teens spend their time. There is only so much Tumblr and indie blogs you can read in a day. All findings from: The Best and Worst: Media Habits of the Class of 2014.

hshtags – The Multi-Platform Search Engine For Hashtags

hsh homescreen

Want to know what people truly think about your brand across social media platforms? Check out hshtags – the engine searches Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr – for all your ethnographic needs.

YouTube Comedy Week 2013

YouTube: Comedy Week 2013

With YouTube dominating the distribution of video content and only truly being challenged by Facebook, which won’t change in the near future. The big reason for this being Facebook’s focus on photos vs videos as its curent redesign and purchase of Instagram shows.

I found it odd to see a huge banner at Westfield Shepherds Bush advertising for next weeks Comedy Week that YouTube is putting on. It’s a very traditional platform to advertising an even that’s taking place entirely online.

When a web/advertising company still finds value (branding/awareness) in blanketing subway stations in NYC or Washington or buying banners at a major retail mall in London, UK… there must be strong business reason behind the move. Google rarely wastes money when it comes to increasing it’s brand awareness.

The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics


If there is one discussion we can’t have enough of it is this. What is the difference between a strategy and a tactic? I’ve heard clients, CEOs and Heads of XYZ Department get it wrong. Beyond a great video from our conference last year.

I thought his handy chart from Jeremiah Owyang would be a great way to kick off the year: The Difference between Strategy and Tactics. There is no greater misunderstanding then what is a strategy and what is a tactic in our industry and it’s a topic that never gets old.