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Multiple Accounts in TweetDecK: Retweet or Mirror Your Posts

On Monday I got called out for mirroring a post on my personal account (@DuaneBrown) to my agency account (@CreativeHQ) by @malcolmbastien. He felt it wasn’t very creative of me. You can see my response here. This got me thinking all week. If I had simple retweeted my post, instead of mirroring something I felt both groups of followers would have enjoyed.

Would reteeting the post given it more credit?

Is retweeting really the better and more creative way to go?

In the end I don’t think so. Whether I retweet somehing from one account to another or mirror a couple tweets, the same end reult is reached. I’m providing a link or tweet that I think my followers would enjoy.  I know the gang over at @CriticalMass retweet back and forth between their agency acount and their personal accounts. They are a bigger shop and different people help manage their agency account. I’m just a one man shop today and this is the most effective solution that still provides the same end result.

Also I don’t think the area is so black & white, there are totally shades of grey and I want to explore those shades to see what happenes. You can’t learn something if you always play it safe. That’s my take on it anyways.

Social Media Case Studies: 30+ to Review

The Engaging Social Media blog has a entensive list coving off social media case studies from around the globe and across industries like non-profit to entertainment and from government to start-ups. The list covers companies such as:

  1. Sony Ericsson, Addidas, and Olympus America
  2. Freshbooks
  3. PushingBack.com
  4. Fairmont Chicago

Check out the list and this is something we should all be bookmarking for future reference. Everyone wants to know of social media case studies.. and now you’ve some. They also have a list of Twitter campaign case studies, which I’ve to say I don’t know how I feel about Skittles being number one.

TweetDeck’s Multiple Accounts: How to make sure you only post to one account

With the recent launch on Tuesday of TweetDeck’s latest update and being able to manage multiple accounts. I’ve noticed more then a few people mentioned how they hope they don’t accidental post to more then one account. I’ve a quick tip I’ve found useful all week to help mitigate that risk.

Tip: Deselect all your accounts when you are not actively engaged.

I’ve found if I’m posting to my personal account and notice something in my agency account and retweet it. TweetDeck won’t always deselect my personal account for me. It’ll just double post to each of my accounts; agency & personal. By making sure I always have no active accounts. I can make sure when I reply, retweet or engage with anyone I’m using the right account.

What are you doing to make sure you don’t post to more then one account in Tweet Deck?

Razorfish’s Digital Outlook Report 2009: Social Objects & the Connected Class

Razorfish LogoYesterday I posted about Media Spend, Trends to Watch and Social Influence Marketing (SIM) from Razorfish’s Digital Outlook Report 2009. Today I wanted to cover social objects and their idea of the connect class.

Social Objects
Razorfish believes that social objects are the key to having a successful social media campaign. Social objects can be anything from a photo, video game, bookmark, video, event, Facebook app, product(s). Three keys to a good social object are highly portable, easily copied and can be reformatted for distribution on other digital media channels.

For example, if I’m speaking with my mothers about the flowers I sent her, the flowers are the social object.

Razorfish goes on to talk about social objects and gives some examples. It’s one of these examples that I don’t agree with. I don’t believe a URL can be a social object. Where the URL points to whether it be a video game, article, or a photo of a plane in Hudson river.. all those are social objects. But the URL is not. If I sent around a URL to my Twitter people and it’s not valuable as deemed by them, then they won’t send it around. However, if that URL leads somewhere great then they’ll pass it around. I think for a URL it’s more important where it leads then anything else. What do you think… is Razorfish correct or are they drinking to much of their own kool-aid? However, their look at the connected class was bang on I think.

Read more…

Skittles Scandal: Tracking the Skittles Experiment [Friday March 20th]

SkittlesWith the exception of the new Transplant the Rainbow video receiving some great numbers this week. The overall campaign for Skittles is starting to drop even faster then last week.

YouTube (views)
Transplant the Rainbow: 10,615
Skittles – Tailor: 5,766 Views
Skittles – Sour Man: 4,607 Views
Skittles – Pinata Man: 4,285 Views
Since the new video, Transplant the Rainbow, was added last week. It was went from 2,000+ views to over 10,000 in a week. The other videos aren’t connecting as well as this new one.

Twitter Search: 100 Search Pages with 24 Hours
We are now starting to see a decline in the Twitter Search results. It took a mere 24 hours for the “Skittles” terms to reach its 100 page results limit two weeks ago. Today we are seeing that it’s taking almost 4 days to reach the same end point, which is also 24 hours longer the last week. This is a telling sign that the Skittles momentum is starting to wear down after just a few weeks of being on the scene.

Facebook Friends: 610,857
Skittles has a lot of friends on their profile page and this week is no different. They have about 2,000 more then last week. I’m starting to wonder if there is a limit of friends you have on Facebook. Even Obama doesn’t have more then 1 million friends. It’ll be interesting to see what the first company/product/service/person is to reach 1 million friends.

Flickr: Photos: 17,441
As I mentioned last week, the number of photos on Flickr is going to be the most interesting of the key metrics to track. We are only seeing an increas of 100+ photos in the last week. This can’t be a good sign for the longevity of this campaign.

Next week, well be the last week I track the stats for this campaign besides doing an overall analyze on April 3rd. Skittles you have lost your mojo and you are going to need some help getting it back.