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Use Internal Site Search Data To Improve Your Marketing


Why Does It Matters
The internal search box on your website is an opportunity for you to learn about the people who use your website and what they search for. The data you obtain from internal search analytics is essentially a resource that tells you what your visitors can not find on your site or might be too busy to hunt for on your website.

For example, if you sell clothing and you have hundreds of searches for “pink ball gowns” but you don’t sell them, it might just be worth looking into selling pink ball gowns. If you receive a lot of searches for pink ball gowns, but you have a link to your pink ball gowns category right on your navigation bar, then there’s a good chance there’s something wrong with your sites navigation and effectiveness. There are four main sources of knowledge that your internal search box can tell you:

Current services
Looking over the search terms that people are using on your website, can tell you how people view and what they call your services. Are you using the same terminology as your customers? It’s important to use the same terminology as your visitors. This leads to more people finding out about your services and driving more traffic to your website.

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Learn How to Perform A Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Why Does It Matters
Understanding where there are gaps between your paid search campaigns (or any performance marketing: RTB or Display) and your website content is import for making sure you’re creating harmony between the two initiatives. Running campaigns for site content that doesn’t exist anymore or on the reverse, having site content that doesn’t have a campaign for a key service that your startup provides is a missed opportunity. A GAP analysis will also help you make sure you’re directing traffic to the appropriate page on your website and that page has the correct content.

How To Do It
Creating a basic GAP analysis is easier than it sounds. Once created, you’ll have a better understanding of where gaps between your site’s content and your PPC campaigns. You should do a GAP analysis report at least once a year, if not a couple times a year if you update your website frequently.

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Topman uses Google+ At London Collections: Men AW 2014

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Being over here in London the last 14 months, you see how high street brands embrace social media a lot more than brands back home Canada. Despite what some might say about Google+, Topman has been a major high street brand at the forefront of embracing the platform (they also love their Pinterest).

With the show ending this past Wednesday, it’ll be great to see how well the platform faired for the brands as we kick off 2014. Will  this be the year more brands embrace Google+?

hshtags – The Multi-Platform Search Engine For Hashtags

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Want to know what people truly think about your brand across social media platforms? Check out hshtags – the engine searches Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr – for all your ethnographic needs.

Harvard Business School: Does Display Ads Influence Search?

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The battle rages on between search, display and social. Everyone is fighting for the same piece of the pie. I’ve often felt it’s never black and while or one channel over another. It’s about all channels working towards a common gaol, that makes sense and is SMART.

We find that display ads significantly increase search conversion. Both search and display ads also exhibit significant dynamics that improve their effectiveness and ROI over time. Finally, in addition to increasing search conversion, display ad exposure also increases search clicks, thereby increasing search advertising costs. After accounting for these three effects, we find that each $1 invested in display and search leads to a return of $1.24 for display and $1.75 for search ads, which contrasts sharply with the estimated returns based on standard metrics.

If you work in paid search or display, then this is some required reading this weekend.