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The Top 5 Commandments Of Creating Amazing Remarketing Experiences


Creating amazing remarketing isn’t hard but it certainly isn’t easy too. Trying to connect with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase and then convincing them to come back and but is tricky. There are people online, 3.4 Billion right now, who find remarketing creepy. People don’t know how to make the ads stop, let along how and why they are seeing those ads in the first place.

If you’re doing remarketing right now or have always wanted to get started. These are the 5 areas of your campaigns I’d look at to punch above your weight and make sure your campaigns standout from competition and don’t make people hate your brand.

Frequency Caping
Even to this day I still see brads show me their banners all day every day with no cap on the number of views a day. Maybe they think if they try to overwhelm me with ads I’ll buy their ad platform. Nothing could be farther from the true. This isn’t a hard and fast rule but I start out with capping my ads at 2 – 3 views/day. You can test having your ad show less or more then that but you don’t want your potential customers get brand fatigued. Remarketing is very much a marathon not a sprint. It’s a gentle reminder not a bash over the head.

Age Segmentation
If you’re on AdWords or any advertising platform that lets you segment by age, do it. You can waste a lot of impressions and spend by targeting people who aren’t going to convert on your product. At my last couple startups, it has generally been 25 – 44 year olds that converted the most and that’s the case again at Unbounce. Running the same ad but having different ad groups/sets by your age demo can help you understand who’s converting and who’s just looking at your product and not buying.

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Lets Turn My #MozCon Talk Into A Hands-On Workshop at SXSW 2016: Creating Delightful Remarketing


After a successful #MozCon 2015 talk last month (notes). I’ve taken all the feedback and ideas and would love to turn my talk into a hands-on workshop at SXSW 2016:

What Is Delightful Remarketing: How You Can Do It [PLEASE VOTE]

I will expand on my #MozCon talk and includes more data around shopping behaviour and areas of my talk that I cut to make sure I come in under my allotted time including the 4 major areas of remarketing: Google Display Network, Facebook, Twitter and Google Analytics and what makes each area unique and how you can use them to creating delightful remarketing experiences.

Plus I want to end the workshop working with 4 – 6 people in the room and help generate ideas and how they can use remarketing for their specific brand and company.

How Do You Create Delightful Remarketing In 2015?

I had the honour and pleasure of speaking at MozCon this past week. My topic was Delightful Remarketing and how you can do it too. It was very well received by the crowd based on feedback and the number of people I spoke to over the next 72 hours. Notes for each slide blow.Slide 1
Opening slide
Slide 2
Remarketing is about connecting with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase. By targeting ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website.Now when I explain remarking to most people. I get this reaction…Slide 3
A lot of people find remarketing creepy and weird. They don’t get why they are seeing those ads around the internet…. let alone how to make them stop. I don’t think that has to be the case, delightful remarketing. Read more…

Unlocking Unmet Demand In Your AdWords Account

I gave a talk at Conversion Road Trip NYC 1st June, 2015. I talked about unlocking unmet demand in your AdWords account and making sure you capture all the customers you could for each market.

Slide 2
Lets say you want to quit your job tomorrow and start a business renting designer jeans to the middle class based on a monthly subscription fee… or maybe a one off cost for the weekend.

Slide 3
You setup your AdWord account and have the perfect ad copy, keywords and account settings. You put in your budget for each campaign and just before you launch you add in your location targeting.

Slide 4
What I see clients do from Toronto to London and back to Vancouver is put everything major English speaking country under each campaign. The challenge is you’ve countries fighting for budget and no one country can truly max out their budget and capture all the leads or customers for that market.

Oz & NZ start spending their budget and then the UK and by the time you start spending money in USA, you’ve spent almost half your campaign budget, which doesn’t leave a lot of room for USA.

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I’m Speaking at MozCon 2015!


I’m lucky to have been picked to speak at MozCon 2015 in the community speaker slot. Competing with 240 other pitches… it wasn’t easy for MozCon to pick just six. I’ll be talking about remarketing and making it a more delightful experience.

You can also hear from 5 other amazing speakers:

Adrian Vender is the Director of Analytics at IMI: @adrianvender.
Chris Dayley is a digital marketing expert and owner at Dayley Conversion@chrisdayley.
Gianluca Fiorelli is a known international SEO and inbound strategist: @gfiorelli1.
Ruth Burr Reedy is the head of on-site SEO for BigWing Interactive: @ruthburr.
Stephanie Wallace is director of SEO at Nebo: @SWallaceSEO.

Hope to see you in Seattle 13-15th July, 2015.