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How To: See Where Your Site Is Mentioned On Reddit


If you spend any time online then you’ve come across Reddit. A community of a million and one micro communities. I am often found on there chatting with my peers in paid search and PPC. Recently Reddit just made #8 in the USA¬†for top 10 sites by traffic. Considering that Google and Facebook dominate the top 3, that’s no easy feet.

If millions of people use Reddit then there is chance your community, consumers and competitors are using the site in one form or another. How would you like to know where they are chatting about you… or your competitors?

How To Find Your Site On Reddit?
1. Open up your browser of choice
2. Type reddit.com/domain/YourDomainName.com in the address bar
3. Hit enter and watch all the threads come scrolling down
4. Works on any domain, including your competitors ūüėČ

This is great for finding subs to promote on, get feedback on your product or service, questions to be answered for a blog post or conference talk or even find out what people think about your competitors.

What Should Our New Purchase Funnel Look Like?

Having moved back to Toronto two months ago and settled back into a rhythm. I’ve been meeting with a lot of brands, from online to retail and corporate, to chat about opportunities and how I felt my international experience can help grow a¬†brand online.

One area that keeps coming up is the purchase funnel. If you spent your 90s in high school, like I did, than the picture below should be familiar to you. Pretty standard graph from your high school marketing or business class.


However, the purchase funnel hasn’t changed in over a decade and it needs too.¬†More brick-and-mortar-focused retailers are stepping up their online game and increasing the percentage of their sales that come from online channels, and Web-only retailers have been growing at an impressive clip, too. It’s a dog eat dog where out there in retail and everyone is fair game. What’s helping shift are:

The Top 5 Consumer-Driven Trends in Retail

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Game Theory Explains Why Some Content Goes Viral On Reddit, Digg

Last night ArsTechnica had a great post up last night on game theory and why some content spreads and others don’t.

Remined me a lot about ideas & concepts that Malcolm Gladwell talked about in The Tipping Point. The idea that someone with fewer connections was actually better at spreading content and adopting new trends was an interesting twist. It’s the idea they bow down to less peer pressure that might otherwise¬†influence someone with more friends and connections.

We often think, and maybe rightful so, that we want someone with lots of connections and friends to spread out ideas. We don’t want someone with just 10 friends, we want someone with 100 friends. The article seems to be not loading right now but I hope the site will be back up later today. It’s a great read.