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Planners/Strategists: This Is An Insight

Justin Bieber Selife

Report: This article based on a forthcoming report looks at why being special & different is no longer just for the younger generation:

The behaviours we’re seeing based purely on age aren’t really as indicative as other behaviours based on more psychological or emotional factors,” says Segal. “Nonetheless, no-one’s really come forward with a new solution and our take was because this whole project of trying to brand generations in the traditional way is done, it doesn’t work anymore, that we need a new way of thinking of about what it means to be young.

Eating Popcorn Makes Advertising Ineffective

bacon popcorn

Study by Cologne University concludes that chewing makes advertising ineffective; The Guardian

Why Global Marketing Demands A Special Set Of Skills

Sun Shining on Unisphere

A good piece on why I moved around the last couple years and hopefully get to settle in the UK for a while beyond my two year VISA. Not what  typical post here, though an important read if you work in a global organization.

Work For Dunkin Donuts Or Starbucks? You Should Bookmark This!

Digital Planning: Designing For Social Networks

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail they say. This deck looks at digital planning for the social network world. Dig in and learn something new.