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Bolding your Title in PPC Campaigns. Does it work?

keyword-boldingI was recently with a client reviewing their AdWords account. I noticed that they were bolding certain words in the title copy for all their PPC campaigns. I have never seen this done before and after doing some research, I’m not sure it’s worth the valuable real estate in the title field. You only 25 characters to make a catchy title and to take up a 1/3 of that to bold a keyword(s) feels like a waste of space to me. Also, people generally start to turn out effects like this if everyone starts to do it.

Does anyone bold their title in PPC campaigns?

Breaking Out PPC Accounts by Country is a Must for Success!

I love doing consulting work for clients across different industries. My main focus is entertainment and video games but I get a good share of my business from outside of those two industries. The reason I love doing this work is that it sharpens my research skills, brings new ideas to the table for current clients on how to target searchers and it allows me to gain new knowledge that I can use with clients.

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