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24 Hours With Foursquare 8.0

Foursquare Home Screen24 hours ago Foursquare launched its latest redesign that has been a few years in the making. I’ve a been a huge fan of the app & service since its initial launch.

The value from the service has always been the recommendation engine... sure I loved check-ins and getting a badge in the early days. However, when that wore off, it was its ability to help me find great places to eat when I’m traveling. I often travel solo and go to places I don’t know anyone. The relaunch last night brings this service into focus and in the crosshairs of Yelp and other similar services and apps.

The last 24 hours have been a joy using the new app. It feels faster than normal, I have gotten recommendation around an upcoming trip to Asia (my first). This has always been one area I’ve found service better over Yelp. Looking at your past trips and what you usually enjoy eating, it has a great idea of what you’d like in the future. Rarely has Foursquare been wrong about a venue being a good or bad place.

Hint: don’t touch any food place with less than a 7 score on the platform in large major cities. This isn’t a hard and fast rule for smaller markets but it does hold true in those markets, many times, too.

The new layout and colour scheme I’d say I’m the biggest fan of… thought it’s a change I’ll need to get use to over time. Change is never easy. If you’re going to travel to a new city and want to know where to eat, what’s hot or if that place you walked by is worth the walk in; Foursquare can help you. From Melbourne to Oslo, Bristol to Chicago, Tallinn to Cairns I’ve used this app across 3 (soon to be 5) continents now and it hasn’t let me down.


Foursquare Introduces Post Checkin Retargeting


Leaked deck of foursquare looking at using retargeting advertising as a way to monetize their platform.

Foursquare’s Plan to Woo Advertisers

Foursquare Time Machine

Just yesterday foursquare launched Time Machine, which they are touting as their next product/feature and the future.

  • Zoom through time and space as you visualize all your check-ins
  • Discover all the places you should head to next
  • Save and share pretty infographics of all your stats

See the results of my five years as a Foursquare users.. suggesting where I go next is helpful as I enbark on my travels over the next few months.


Foursquare: Re-Mapping The World & Taking On Google

Foursquare Logo

Foursquare’s Explore feature has been getting better the last 8 months. I’ve seen it personally bring new users onto the platform and reengage old users. However, the future of Foursquare is about to get more intuitive and global as they try to build a global map of the world, unlike any out there today, in digital form. Find out more in the two part interview below:

Inside The Mind Of The Foursquare Engineer Re-Mapping The World 

How Foursquare Is Building A “Humane” Map Framework To Rival Google’s

With the strong focus lately around search for my career. I find where Foursquare is heading both interesting from a personal perspective as it helps me when I travel. It’s from the professional area as they become better at search and prediction based on context, intent and geography…that I start to realize that Foursquare and Google will cross paths, in a few years, on location search.

Where Are Social Media Marketers Seeing The Most Success?

The answer isn’t Facebook as much as many would jump at the answer. It’s the old school but still relevant offering of message boards/bulletin boards.

The research came out last month thanks to eMarketing. Message boards have been the corner stone of the web and the Internet since it was incepted and more people under and know how to use a message board then Facebook. Especially when you look at niche sites these days, a message board is usually still an offering as a way to help foster & build a community of like minded people. I started out and still use message boards to this day. Part of the appeal is the fact, people don’t expect an immediate response when you post something. Unlike some of the current tools & tech we use to communication across the city and around the world.