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Sharing Photos Around The World

Photo sharing has come along way since I started my Flickr account in November 2005. I’ve been to more then a few places and on 2 continents since then.

According to this recent study. Not everyone likes to share their photos around the world:

China, India and the Philippines came out as the top countries for sharing their photos online.Conversely, the top countries for stroing photos on their computer were Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

Something to keep in mind when running global or multi-country contests. Not everyone likes to show the world what they are doing.

Flickr & Foursquare Meet

A friend, Stuart Foster, came across this mashup of Flickr & Foursquare: Flicksquare, which will post your photos from Foursquare check-ins right to your Flickr account. A simple and great idea.

Infographic: The Colors Of The Top 100 Web Brands

Found Via: PSFK

The Ups And Downs Of Social Networks

Facebook has announced that it now has 500m active users, just six years after it was launched. The site has become the poster child of social networking on the web. While some others have seen growth, MySpace, Flickr and Bebo appear to have declined in the past year, according to these figures from Nielsen. Interesting international variations are seen, both in the amount of time Facebook users spend on the site each month and in the competing networks’ popularity in different countries.

Wanted to share this great infographic by BBC about the mood of people on Facebook over the last year. The infographic covers the US, UK, Spain, France and many more. Check it out.

Social Media Case Studies: 30+ to Review

The Engaging Social Media blog has a entensive list coving off social media case studies from around the globe and across industries like non-profit to entertainment and from government to start-ups. The list covers companies such as:

  1. Sony Ericsson, Addidas, and Olympus America
  2. Freshbooks
  3. PushingBack.com
  4. Fairmont Chicago

Check out the list and this is something we should all be bookmarking for future reference. Everyone wants to know of social media case studies.. and now you’ve some. They also have a list of Twitter campaign case studies, which I’ve to say I don’t know how I feel about Skittles being number one.