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99% Conference 2012 Wrap Up

After my inaugural attendance of the 99% Conference last year. I was super excited for my second year. It’s a new conference and one that’s getting better with each year after launching in 2009. I’m  trying to vote with my time & money and how I give back to my communities. The line up of speakers this year was phenomenal:

I’m happy again to share with you the talks that I loved. The ones that left me thinking about how I work and the small changes I can make that will have an (a huge) impact on my work. This conference is about helping you make your ideas a reality and not giving you more.

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How To Accomplish More By Doing Less

Tony Schwartz is the president and CEO of The Energy Project and a great speaker (see his 99% Conference video below).

Even though his video below and current article, How to Accomplish More by Doing Less,on HBR is applied to people and those in the creative industry. In today’s economy, it should be applied to company’s big and small.

To many are try to be everything to everyone and not miss out on an opportunity to make a sale. However, we should be focusing our efforts and making sure we’re serving our current markets at 100%.

The 99% Conference 2011 Wrap Up Post

I had the pleasure of spending the last few days in New York attending The 99% Conference put on by the fine folks at Behance.

I found out about the conference to late last year (days before it was happening) to go and made a point to go this year… even with the conference selling out 5 month in advance. The experience was uplifting and learning from people who are not directly my peers but share a common bond of being a creative professional was amazing.

Below are just some of the talks and I’ll look update this post this weekend with more knowledge as I let it bubble over from the last two days.

Updated: Sunday May 8th with some more speaker points and a final thought!

Dr. Michael B. Johnson
R&D Lead Pixar
Giving people the right tools while allowing them to be heros among their peers. Creates a team that works well together and succeeds.

Patrician McCarthy
Founder, The Mien Shiang Institute
It’s about understanding who you’re and how you related to other element signs and people. Using that knowledge to work better together to launch your shared ideas.

Tony Schwartz
CEO The Energy Project
Sleep is the most important element to your projects success and launch. Yet it’s the first area we cut when we need more hours to produce “better”/ “more” work. Working more hours doesn’t lead to better work or more money. Tony gave a great example, which made the crowd laugh but couldn’t be more true. Two sets of rats, Team A was sleep deprived and got food, which they over ate to try and gives themselves energy because of the lack of sleep they were given. Team B were the exact opposite with tons of sleep and no food for at least 17 days. Guess which team was alive after the 17 days? Team B. For people, 97% of us need at least 7/8 hours of sleep a day. 2.5% need more and 2.5% need less then 5. Make sure you know which one you are.

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