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A Practical Guide To App Store Optimization

Mobile isn’t the future. It’s the present. Mobile apps are changing how we interact with devices, websites and even with a brand. There are new opportunities being created by companies who want to create a relationship with their customer and provide something of value in return.

This post will show the growth of mobile app, mobile search and what it really takes to gain a strong visibility in a crowded market place while trying to drive engagement and installs for your app.

Mobile Growth
When you  look at the top 10 online properties in the US, 34% of visitors are mobile-only (comScore data).  BuzzFeeds traffic is heavily mobile for the last 18 months and is only growing stronger each day.


If you’ve any doubt that mobile is changing how we use the internet. Than you need to read Ben’s deck on Mobile Is Eating The World. This is no longer a revolution but a seismic shift in how business is done and how people will search for the future.

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Why Amazon’s Phone Is More Apple Than Facebook

Amazon Fire Phone

Over the last 24 hours since Amazon (& CEO Jeff Bezos) launched their Fire Phone, a lot has been said by the media. I’m no analyst nor do I spend a lot of time shopping at Amazon because their stock levels in Canada have never reached the volumes we see in the UK or US, which are huge market for them. So in reality I don’t think I’m their target market.

However, I believe the Fire Phone will succeed, despite what some of my industry colleagues think. The Fire Phone isn’t simply a Facebook play made by Amazon. It’s more akin to Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Nexus because of trust. Jeff Bezos has put customers at the centre of all decisions that Amazon makes even when that goes against what the data tells you to do.

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Joe Fresh Uses Tablets In Retail Stores

With Canadians running to their tablets and usage rising since the beginning of 2011. It’s no wonder that I’d walk into a Joe Fresh store today and see the above table, pretty sure it’s an iPad, being used as a way for customers to view the Joe Fresh clothing line, and website.

Right now it seemed like just a way to view the website and existing line of clothes that is offered in the store at Joe Fresh. However, in the future I hope we can see:

  • Payment kiosk through sale associate
  • POS system for stores ( like Urban Outfitters)
  • Change room requests: new size, item or colour
  • Bring your store profile to help with returns/exchanges
  • Anything that helps create a more efficient/genuine customer experience

I think it’s great to see a Canadian retailer taking a forwarding looking stance with technology and incorporating it in its store. I’m not sure if this is the first Canadian retailer to do this beyond Apple, however, we know it won’t be the last.

Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry

I was reading a great post over at Frog Design about HOW TO: Develop Ideas That Will Disrupt Your Industry. The process they came up with to disrupt a market…

Step 1: What Do You Want to Disrupt
Step 2: What Are the Business Clichés?
Step 3: What Are Your Disruptive Hypotheses?

However, you also need to look at:

1. What Can You Invert?
2. What Can You Deny?

The process doesn’t seem all that lengthy but it does make you answer all the important questions you should be asking yourself before you go head-to-head with an industry leader. Zipcar and Little Miss Matched are the two main examples in the article.

I had never heard of Little Miss Matched before last night but the idea was so simple but so great at the same time. This article really got me thinking about doing something I’ve wanted to do for a while… launch this conference eat:Strategy.

Then I was lucky and came across this talk from BHH Labs about Agencies making digital products should co-create with customers. Takes the Frog Design idea to where a lot of agencies are trying to go. They want to own more of the IP, which we’ve seen agencies do with a mixed bag of success over the last 5 years.

PSFK 2010 Good Brands Report

Last night I found out that PSFK had included a few of my interview quotes in their 2010 Good Brands Report: Blog Post or Download PDF. I’m mentioned on page 10 for  IKEA and page 13 for foursquare.

Being a genuinely good brand in 2010 takes more than a widely used product and an ubiquitous global presence. Though there is no precise formula, what the ten good brands on our list have in common is a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

Some of the other key learning from the report include:

1. Constant innovation and experimentation

3. Create the game you want to play

5. Build value By sharing Knowledge

6. Align around good

10. Partner with Likeminded brands to create improved products & services

Check out the Blog Post or Download PDF and see what your brand can learn from some of the top brands from around the world including IKEA, ACE Hotel, foursquare and Apple.