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Crafting Content at Pinterest: How Platform Insights Lead to Compelling Creative

While speaking at Digital Summit Minneapolis 2016 earlier this week. I got the chance to sit on Brad Spychalski’s talk on crafting great content and how the team at Pinterest does it. He says his team looks at Values + Interests + Insights to build content for themselves and some of the big brands like Ziplock and Coca Cola that they work with on their platform.

What makes your brand stand out? What’s your unique selling point? Values come down to how you see the world and what you can offer your potential customers that the competitors can’t. A lot of brands are trading on experiences right now but that experience has to be unique and fit into people’s lives.

The 5 areas that interests break down into are Hobby, Vocation, Preference, Project and Passion. When you take you values as a brand and start to map them over your interests. You start to see some potential content ideas bubble up to the service. If we were lego we might have some of the following down:

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Ad Blockers Won’t Go Away Until We Make More Relevant Ads

ad blockers desktop

I get pitched a lot from vendors across the marketing industry who say they have the platform to solve my marketing challenges and make me more money. However, most can’t do it without giving their platform more credit then it deserves in our attribution model.

Yesterday I got pitched AdLinks. The platforms lets a brand create s shortened URL that cookies a person each time someone clicks on the link. Once that happens the person will start to see banner ads for the brand around the internet. This is a semi-remarketing play because the person doesn’t have to go to your brands website, you can send them to any site with the shortened URL. People seem to be doing these new ad styles becomes of ad blockers I feel.


Ad Blockers
With 20% – 35% of people using ad blockers (more UK stats) across all age demos and most income types over the last few years. This doesn’t seem like a trend that is going to slow down. People are trying to stop seeing all the bland, boring or low relevance ads that are taking over their screens. It seems that every marketing platform is trying to find ways to put more banners ads in front of people, which is the main reason why people are using ad blockers to begin with.

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Foursquare Introduces Post Checkin Retargeting


Leaked deck of foursquare looking at using retargeting advertising as a way to monetize their platform.

Foursquare’s Plan to Woo Advertisers

Pretty Much Every Current Stat, You Need To Know About, On Digital Advertising, Mobile, Social And Devices!

BI Intelligence, from Business Insider, is a new research and analysis service focused on mobile computing and the Internet.

Last month at their conference, they launched a new report on the state of digital marketing and media. Prime reading for where the industry is headed into 2013.

CBS Digital Media On London Underground

I don’t normally write about digital out of home (DOOH) because it’s rarely an interesting or evoling area of digital marketing. However, having been in London, UK the last 10 days and taking the London Underground when I couldn’t have walked to a destination. Has made me notice something: CBS DIgital Media, which has the contract to provide digital marketing solutions for the transit system.

What sets this solution apart is the above ad that caught my attention at Oxford Circus Station this past weekend. It seems that WorkShopPlay is a site/community setup by  CBS Digital Media to try and understand the behavior and insights of the people that take the London Underground everyday; 3.66 million (weekdays).

The insights seemed to be gathered through regular surveys, one off questions on a variety of topics. This way CBS can leverage that data and make the digital solution more tailored below. Curious how many Londoners actually use the site and win any of the prizes offered.

XTP—Cross-Track-Projection (above)
XTPs scale and stature makes it one of London’s landmark advertising opportunities on the London Underground. I’ve seen ads for video games (Xbox 360, Halo 4, EE (mobile) and other tech) during my trips. I’d say the only downside being that it’s not bright enough of a screen.

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