T: @DuaneBrown

Company Description
QuickTapSurvey, similar to SurveyMonkey, is survey app designed to collect data using iPads & Android tablets without an internet connection. The company targets the business market more than average consumers.


  • Controlled $20,000+/month of paid search spend on Google & Bing
  • Decreased CPA by 33% to $18 while maintaining average position of 2 on AdWords
  • Increased conversions by 12% month over month to 240+ in March 2015
  • Lowed campaign spend by running SQRs and removing under-performing keywords in AdWords and Bing
  • Increased conversions rate by 45% to 6.70%
  • Grew account by adding generic keywords to bring in new revenue and customers
  • Used Google Analytics & AdWords to manage campaigns, track data & create actionable insights to achieve business objectives
  • Managed campaigns in Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Ireland. We also ran 3 global accounts target Spanish, Portuguese and French speaking countries.
  • Oversaw 50+ campaigns, which included 100+ ad groups & 10,000+ keywords across 4 languages.

Success was measured by meeting our monthly CPA, which we hit 85% of the time. When we didn’t, it was due to a high number of generics and competition from brands. A challenging client to manage as they had unusually high demands for account changes each week despite pushback from the agency.