T: @DuaneBrown

Company Description
Knixwear creates performance underwear made for women by women. The company was launched in 2014 and has grown its brand across North America by getting into major retail chains and growing their online brand one women at a time.


  • Created 2015 & beyond presentation to show the client what’s possible with the brand
  • Helped guide client meetings to find out what the business challenges are and how the agency can help bring their knowledge to the table to solve or mitigate them
  • Shared startup business plan with agency to help client track health of Knixwear brand across all channels, not just performance marketing
  • Controlled $10,000+/month of paid search spend on Google (including Google Display Network).
  • Increased conversion rate by 150% to 3.56%
  • Decreased CPA by 30% to $29.51
  • Grew account by adding women’s’ sports & active wear related keywords
  • Used Google Analytics to manage campaigns, track data & create actionable insights to achieve business objectives
  • Managed campaigns in United State and Canada

Being a relative new company and startup. Knixwear measured success by looking at growth in monthly sales numbers. However, with limited stock from one week to the next, we were held to a strict sales volume number. A great client to manage and work with as they relied on us to guide their online marketing and help shape the brand.