T: @DuaneBrown

Company Description
Jacques Vert Group is a British fashion house and womenswear concession retailer with over 470 outlets in the UK, Europe and Canada and has nine brands including: Windsmoor, Kaliko, Jacques Vert, Precis Petite, Planet, Minuet Petite, Alexon, Eastex and Dash.


  • Controlled £90,000+/month of paid search spend on Google (including Google Display Network) & Bing
  • Decreased CPA by 25% to £2.25
  • Grew account by adding generic keywords to bring in new revenue and customers
  • Used Google Analytics and Adobe Marketing Cloud (omniture) to manage campaigns, track data & create actionable insights to achieve business objectives
  • Managed campaigns in United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Oversaw 550+ campaigns, which included 13,000+ ad groups & 540,000+ keywords

Success was measured by meeting our monthly CPA, which we hit 85% of the time. When we didn’t, it was due to a high number of generics and competition from brands including Hobbs & House of Fraser. A challenging client to manage with over 9 brands that you’ve to make sure are running smoothly while hitting all your targets month to month.