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Company Description
GrowthAccelerator is a unique service led by some of the country’s most successful growth specialists where you’ll find new connections, new routes to investment and the new ideas and strategy you’ll need for your business to achieve its full potential. A partnership between leading private sector business growth experts, Grant Thornton, Pera, Oxford Innovation and Winning Pitch and backed by Government, GrowthAccelerator will get your business to where you want it to be – faster.


  • Increased conversions by 50% to 10/week
  • Lowered CPA by 60% to £18/lead
  • Used Google Analytics data to analyze and benchmark performance across channels and media properties
  • Develop actionable optimization recommendations based on analyzes
  • Grew leads by targeting mid – large size businesses across the UK
  • Managed relationships with vendors to drive implementation of marketing strategies

On target to hit our aggressive  year end goal of 1,000 mid-large size businesses by April 2014. We also brought in more small size business leads. The small businesses weren’t part of our KPIs due to the target already being reached before we took over the account.