T: @DuaneBrown

Company Description
Elder is a startup in the UK that offers carers on demand for your family. I worked with the founders at their last venture Mopp, which got bought in September 2014. The brand was launched in October 2015. I ran their paid media until June 2016 when they could afford to bring in a paid person in-house full time.


  • Analyzed data in Google Analytics to create weekly & monthly reports and a KPIs dashboard to achieve business objectives
  • Shared reports & KPIs with cofounders
  • Achieved 35% growth in conversions MoM
  • Grow paid media from zero to 629 leads, which converted at 25%
  • 10% of leads were for weekly carers, which is the profitable side of the business
  • Maintained a 3% conversion rate from launch
  • Served as lead within the business for analytics and digital marketing
  • Used retail & mobile trends to create messaging that increase conversions

Success was measured by meeting our monthly CPA, which we hit 72% of the time. When we didn’t, it was due to a high number of generics in London’s competitive market. Being able to grow the weekly carers end of the business is what allowed us to invest heavily into paid media despite it being competitive with larger funded players.