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Company Description
California Closets is a high end retails similar to IKEA. They target households with a household income of $250,000/year.

I had the great pleasure of working recently with Proximity Canada and their client California Closets. The client is based in the United States and had a strong interest in leverage tools like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to connect with their consumers. The initial idea was a contest on Facebook that would last 2-3 months during the summer. However, the challenge was that a contest is very campaign focused. The client needed a strategy that had a long-term view and stayed on brand for this 30 year old United States based company. They came to Proximity to help them flesh out the strategy and figure out how to implement this strategy across their organization, while staying on brand.

What I did for Proximity Canada:

  • Assembled strategy deck
  • Strategic development from the brand out
  • Market research & insight gathering
  • Lead stakeholder interviews with senior management from the client’s business
  • Pitched internal agency counterparts on strategy deck
  • Looked at future opportunities like mobile and augmented reality
  • Conceived & fleshed out a Facebook application that was on brand
  • Media planning including their website, Facebook and industry blogs

After launching the  campaign on Facebook and receiving over 160 entries in the first 24 days. The client also saw

  • Increased leads by 10% and sales by 3% in 2010/2011
  • 7,500+ luxury buying Facebook fans in 6 months
  • 30%+ fan interaction on their Facebook page

Along with Proximity, we planned for the next two years as the client jumps feet first into digital marketing with a strong focus on key digital touch points for them.