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7-Eleven Plugs Line Messenger on Slurpee Cups

2014-10-11 16.55.46

Having been in Singapore a few day’s now and gotten use to the oppressive heat. I decided to treat myself to a slurpee because I’ve not had one since Australia and who really needs an excuse to have one. Piggy-backing on the messenger app tread in my Bangkok post.

It seems that 7-Eleven is promoting their Line Messenger account on all the slurpee cups in Singapore. Across SouthEast Asia (and going for global domination), Line is the messenger app to beat. Unless you’re in China or Korea, in which case you use WeChat and Kakao Talk apps respectively.

Bangkok’s MRT Uses WeChat for Marketing

MRT + WeChat

I’ve been in Bangkok the last few days exploring Asia and sampling the food. Having taken the MRT (subway) a few times, I believe Bangkok’s transit system and WeChat have signed a sponsorship deal. A few of the trains are fully branded with WeChat and are pushing to raise the awareness of the messaging platform.

Having screen more than a handful of profiles on Grindr, it seems young people use Line Messenger or even Whats App and not WeChat, which has 70% of its user base in China. This is a bad case of marketing not doing their research. If young people are using Line, than you should be on Line and not WeChat.

Millennials: Designing A Bank For The Future

Digital Banking

This summer has seen a flurry of reports released about millennials and marketing to them: The Future of Mobility & What Matters Now: Digital Kids. Now on the heels of these two is one from a local agency about improving the banking industry: Designing the Smart Bank.

  • 65% of Canadian retail banking customers view their relationship as transactional versus advice-driven.
  •  21% of respondents check their bank balance at least once a day and 55% do it at least once a week.
  • 48% of millennials express an interest in real-time and forward-looking spending analysis
  • 67% want their bank to provide tools and services which help them create and monitor budgets.

Another great report looking at the future of banks or how a new organization can creating a future designed bank.

Twitter Cards: New Polling Ad Format

2014-09-09 07.56.23

Well pursuing my morning scroll through Twitter in the morning, I came across this Twitter survey by Samsung. I’ve been advertising on Twitter the last few years and I don’t remember doing a poll as an option. This poll was about vacuums and if Samsung was a brand that came to mind. It was short at 4 questions and super fast loading.

This is a great way to test news ideas for product, services or even ad copy/brand ideas to your community. Check out my other two screens below.

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Walkers Launches Twitter Vending Machine for ‘Do us a Flavour’ Campaign

Walkers (Lay’s for North American readers) transforms London Bus Shelters into tweet-activated vending machines for their ‘Do us a Flavour’ campaign last week.

2014-09-08 09.58.10

The six ‘finalist’ flavours include:
Sizzling Steak Fajita- Hopefully I can try this one.
Chip Shop Chicken Curry
Pulled Pork in a Sticky BBQ Sauce – Hopefully I can try this one.
Ranch Raccoon
Cheesy Beans on Toast – Not a fan; has an odd taste as a foreigner
Hot Dog with Tomato Ketchup – ketchup chips crisps has always been one of my favourites. This was a winner for me.

The contest is on until 11th September 2014. You can find two bus stops on Oxford Circus and one in Clapham Junction. Passers-by are then encouraged to tweet @Walkers_busstop with a special code you’ll find on the bus stop, which triggers the vending machine to dole out free packets of chips crisps. Really easy, did it myself a couple times.

The machines will also tell you when they are sold out. I find the Clapham Junction an odd choice as it’s not somewhere you’d think they could put this type of contest. It’s a less tourist and business location and more a place you’d find locals. Londers are always in a hurry and they rarely take the time to stop and read a bus ad. Also this bus spot is SUPER busy, even by London standard and the ads gets blocked by people waiting for the bus I found when I stopped by.

Besides chocolate; always fun to see what they’ll put in vending machines: Jello and havaianas.