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Mobile Is Eating the World As We Know It

Slide deck from Andreesen Horowitz analyst Benedict Evans; overview of how mobile technology is changing our definition of technology itself, how it’s coming to supplant the things that we previously took for granted as established elements of the technological landscape.

DOOH on Kuala Lumpur’s Railway

2014-10-14 12.53.02

After spending 3 days in Kuala Lumpur and taking both their monorail and commuter rail system, it was great to see how they use DOOH screens on the latter:

  • Communicate station information
  • Tell you where you’re on your journey
  • Show ads for local brands and events
  • Tourist information: beware of pickpockets

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Learn How to Perform a Gap Analysis

Gap Analysis

Why Does It Matters
Understanding where there are gaps between your paid search campaigns (or any performance marketing: RTB or Display) and your website content is import for making sure you’re creating harmony between the two initiatives. Running campaigns for site content that doesn’t exist anymore or on the reverse, having site content that doesn’t have a campaign for a key service that your startup provides is a missed opportunity. A GAP analysis will also help you make sure you’re directing traffic to the appropriate page on your website and that page has the correct content.

How To Do It
Creating a basic GAP analysis is easier than it sounds. Once created, you’ll have a better understanding of where gaps between your site’s content and your PPC campaigns. You should do a GAP analysis report at least once a year, if not a couple times a year if you update your website frequently.

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7-Eleven Plugs Line Messenger on Slurpee Cups

2014-10-11 16.55.46

Having been in Singapore a few day’s now and gotten use to the oppressive heat. I decided to treat myself to a slurpee because I’ve not had one since Australia and who really needs an excuse to have one. Piggy-backing on the messenger app tread in my Bangkok post.

It seems that 7-Eleven is promoting their Line Messenger account on all the slurpee cups in Singapore. Across SouthEast Asia (and going for global domination), Line is the messenger app to beat. Unless you’re in China or Korea, in which case you use WeChat and Kakao Talk apps respectively.

Bangkok’s MRT Uses WeChat for Marketing

MRT + WeChat

I’ve been in Bangkok the last few days exploring Asia and sampling the food. Having taken the MRT (subway) a few times, I believe Bangkok’s transit system and WeChat have signed a sponsorship deal. A few of the trains are fully branded with WeChat and are pushing to raise the awareness of the messaging platform.

Having screen more than a handful of profiles on Grindr, it seems young people use Line Messenger or even Whats App and not WeChat, which has 70% of its user base in China. This is a bad case of marketing not doing their research. If young people are using Line, than you should be on Line and not WeChat.