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Barclays Contactless Wristband Will Compliment Credit Cards

Today I got a post in the mail, which is always nice since I rarely get mail these days. My Barclays bPay bands. The band is a contactless payment tool that complements more than replaces my credit card. Once I “woke up” my bPay bands and registered it through the website, I was able to top it up with my Visa (works with Mastercard too). You’ve to load a minimum of £25 the first time and £5 afterwards. The maximum each time £100, up to four times per day, as long as the ending balance doesn’t go over £200.

Beyond paying for food and items are my local Sainsbury. Would be cool to load event tickets and fast track lines into events or pay for you transit journey. You already see wristbands work as hotel keys, event entry and health measures, however, not one band that does multiple functions in one.

Why Amazon’s Phone is More Apple than Facebook

Amazon Fire Phone

Over the last 24 hours since Amazon (& CEO Jeff Bezos) launched their Fire Phone, a lot has been said by the media. I’m no analyst nor do I spend a lot of time shopping at Amazon because their stock levels in Canada have never reached the volumes we see in the UK or US, which are huge market for them. So in reality I don’t think I’m their target market.

However, I believe the Fire Phone will succeed, despite what some of my industry colleagues think. The Fire Phone isn’t simply a Facebook play made by Amazon. It’s more akin to Apple’s iPhone or Google’s Nexus because of trust. Jeff Bezos has put customers at the centre of all decisions that Amazon makes even when that goes against what the data tells you to do.

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Sizing Up the Social Habits of 2014 High School Grads

Youth Media Habits 2014 7 thousand teenagers were asked what platforms they use. The only things not surprising in this report is that YouTube and Netflix are the leading videos services. Other findings:

  • Over 70% don’t read BuzzFeed, Mashable, Funny or Die, Gawker or TMZ
  • 82% still use text/sms as their major form of messaging
  • Pandora & iTunes still dominate over Spotify
  • Only 8 percent of students reporting use of professional networking service Linkedin.

Where do teens spend their time. There is only so much Tumblr and indie blogs you can read in a day. All findings from: The Best and Worst: Media Habits of the Class of 2014.

Cohort Analysis: New Customers Acquisition Costs

At work we’ve started to look at customer churn rates. The focus on churn has been because of our exceptional growth month over month as we spread out across the UK. One area we’ve looked at through churn is new customer acquisition.

Instead of building our own cohort analysis tool, we’ve used one built into Mixpanel (our analytics packaged) to help get us up and running faster. One thing we had to keep in mind is stripping away repeat customers. We tend to upsell/ cross sell a lot of our customer who bought our service once and encourage them to purchase a repeat subscription.  It’s always cheaper to keep a customer than acquire a new one.

cohort analysis from Mixpanel

cohort analysis from Mixpanel

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Social Networks Usage Q1 2014