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On Boarding A New Employee

When you’re a company of one, it’s easy to have a process in place and know where everything is. when you’re two people in a company, it becomes harder but maybe not twice as hard. When you hit three people it almost become four times as hard to keep everything together because you have two other people to keep in the loop on everything.

When I think about all the things you need to keep on top of with new employees, it made me realize all the other work I had not always taken into account. Just some of the items include…

  • Contract – how will this get signed and where will it be stored?
  • HR & Benefits – How will you track everyone’s progress in the company
  • Payroll – How and when will everyone get paid
  • Password – What will you use to manage this…. that doesn’t mess up your IT needs
  • Folder Sharing – Is Dropbox good enough and what about sharing that work with clients. You don’t want to end up with multiple systems because that’s when things turn into a mess
  • Meeting Management – Big fans of Calendly but even then, making you sure you don’t double book yourself or have to many meetings in one day is important. This happened to me one day and made me rethink how I book meetings even more then usually
  • Communication – email, IMs, phone calls, Slack….what you do and don’t use matters and like passwords and folder sharing, you want something that works across clients and limits your downtime
  • Culture – how to share this and encourage the behaviors that you want each employee to take

All of the above is even before your new employee has written a piece of ad copy or launched a campaign. The back office and administrative work needed to bring on a new employee isn’t easy. Nor something to underestimate because you still have all the government paperwork to take care of too.

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