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My Top 5 Posts of 2016

As 2016 winds down and many look forward to this year being done with. I think it’s time we remind ourselves that if we don’t remember how we got into the situation we are  in. We are doomed to repeat history when the chance comes up again.

I thought a look back over 2016 was in order. What were some of my most viewed and “read” posts in 2016. I really tried to write less this year but spent more time trying to make each post of a higher quality.

Though I’ve not always achieved that. It was a better year for writing. However, lets look back at what my best posts were of 2016.

Top 5 Posts by Sessions
Vodafone Mobile Charging Station At Westfield Stratford Mall
Ambassador vs Advocate: Which Do You Want For Your Company?
Learn How to Perform A Gap Analysis
Salary Survey: Calling All PPC, Paid and Performance Marketers (Salary Survey Results)
A Startup Marketing Framework: Attribution Modelling

Top 5 Post by Session Duration
Gamasutra Article: The Real Cost Of Marketing Your Game With Social Media
3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Multi-Channel Attribution
13 Tools To Help Market Your Startup In 2015
Digital Strategy 101 By Bud Caddell
Merging Offline And Online Data In Google Analytics To Drive Remarketing

Though only a few posts from 2016 made the top 5. It’s interesting to see a few posts from 2010-2014 crack the top 5. These all seem like ideas that need to be revisited and refreshed for 2017. A lot has changed in marketing over the last 6 years.

Talking a bit more in depth about Google Analytics, how I work or even how to help build a brand when you’re a start up. Of course the salary survey from 2016 will return for Feb 2017. Plus looking at my top 10 I see topics around search, SERP and the merging of SEO and PPC make the list.

Next year I think the goal will be to write one high quality post per month covering some of these topics. Then spend the rest of the month finding different ways to promote that content across different channels is a better use of my time. See you in 2017.

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