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Managing Resources As You Scale Up

I talked about pricing agency services this year and in the future I want to talk about selling your service. However, today I want to talk about managing your resources… which is a bigger concern for me right now. I don’t have everything figured out and if  I did, it’s going to break past 3 – 5 people as what works for 1 or 2 people doesn’t always scale.

Since we have been figuring out our pricing and moving off of selling hours. I’ve noticed that I can devote more time, when needed, to clients and super focus on the outcome we talked about when we signed them. I’m not worried about working X hours or doing busy work to delivery some line item/digital artifact in a contract.

Instead of thinking about resources as hours (worked) and more about your intelligence and knowledge, which you use to reach an outcome. I can take on a bit more work this way because I’m not worried about hitting my 45 hour work week. After 45 hours it’s either hire someone else or work longer hours each week to take on more work, which isn’t ideal from a burnout and health perspective. It’s not perfect nor is this all figured out but I’m loving the different ways I can work.

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