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Internet Week Europe: Mobile Is the New Cigarette by #SayMobile

Last night I attended SayMobile’s event, Mobile Is the New Cigarette. The panel included:

Stuart Miles, CEO & Founder of tech site Pocket-lint.com
Mark Earls, author and leading thinker on brands and behaviour
Doug Grinspan, Mobile Publisher at Say Media

The speakers mused on mobile, social habits and where we’ve come from and where we can go with mobile. I’m going to another mobile event tonight, however, I wanted to post some of my favorite quotes and thoughts from last night.

Lets look at the role phones play in our lives within your community. The future is buttonless. by Doug Grinspan

I don’t know if we will have a Minority Report type of future but we should understand how mobile is used by our customers and the people they interacte with. Parents use their mobile device as much as their young kids who now know how to turn on and work a smartphone/tablet.

When getting at addiction. Look at the social patterns, do they go back to old social habits. by Mark Earls

Changing behavior is hard and I loved that Mark touched on this last night. Like anything in life, it’s a lifestyle change you’re asking someone to make and that just doesn’t happen overnight at all. I can think of a new friend who wants to make one and finding it harder then maybe he thought it would be. If they don’t change their social habits then they won’t change their addiction.

We look at the future through the lens of the current tech. Teens dont do that nor should we. We can’t predict the tech or habits. by Mark Earls

The future of tech will be nothing like we think it’ll be. Hell we don’t have flying cars at all right now. We should stop trying to predict the future and maybe actually invest & invent the future. Check out #SayMobile for all the tweets from last night.

Beyond meeting Mark Earls last , I aslo had the chance to chat with awesome people including peeps from nectar cardEve Shepherd. Internet Week Europe has been amazing for meeting people all week. I’m off to my 4th and final event tonight!

*top image from Say Media’s video on the subject.

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