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How To: A Beginners Guide to Adwords Scripts


I’ve to admit I’m not a coder and I don’t plan to become one. I know HTML but that’s pretty basic and doesn’t qualify as coding skills as much as it did a decade ago when I was in college. However, after a year of many failed attempts and re-reading all I could on AdWords scripts, I finally got three to run successfully yesterday.

AdWords scripts are little pieces of software that you add to your AdWords account (or My Client Centre MCC) and help automatic tedious tasks for you that you want to take off your plate and free up your time. Most run behind the scenes and you’d never know they are there. Think of them as little Christmas helper elves. You should watch the video on the AdWords scripts homepage to get started.  You can check out the solution gallery but I wanted to focus on the two scripts that I feel any AdWords advertisers can run: Link Checker and Keywords Performance Report.


Link Checker
When you install this script, it runs through your account and makes sure all your URL are active and not producing any errors, including a 404 error. The script can only check 800 URLs/session run and a total of 20K URLs a day. So I’ve setup mines to run hourly across all 15 of my accounts. The scripts knows when it has checked a URL because it adds a new label each time it checks the URL in a 24 hour period.

This is a great script if you’ve dozens of campaigns or accounts with hundreds of URLs. I’ve seen it myself, all it takes is one bad URL copy and pasted across a number of ads or keywords to mess up your account. Depending on what the error is in your account, it can be hard to find the URL and fix the issue. Trust me on this. Also, I bet you could also modify this script to detect if you’re out of stock for an eCommerce site and have it turn off your ads/ad group. That would take a deeper knowledge of javascript and coding.

Keyword Performance Report
This script is a little more fun, if you’re into quality score (QS) and keeping a high QS in your account(s). The script runs through your account and looks at data for the last 7 days and puts together as Google sheets report on how your keywords performed over the previous period. The report looks at QS vs average ad position, CPC, cost and number of keywords in your account. I’d use this report to look at my keywords below a quality score of 5 or less and see how I can improve their performance. Maybe that means a new ad or breaking up some ad groups into smaller keyword themes. After that I’d focus on my keywords with a 6 – 7 QS, if there wasn’t much work in the former range. This report is an aggregation, so make sure you keep a good knowledge of what’s going on in your account(s).

Both scripts have the option to run on one AdWords account or you can run it across your My Client Centre (MCC) if you manage multiple accounts. Once you setup one of the scripts, you can schedule it to run hourly all the way up to monthly, depending on your needs. The bigger your AdWords account is, the more an hourly run would make sense as some AdWords have  limit to how much data they can process in each run or over a 24 hour period.

P.S. If you want a more in dept run down on AdWords scripts, read: AdWords Scripts For Every Level: Part 1, Learning How To Read Scripts.

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