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How Do You Create Delightful Remarketing In 2015?

I had the honour and pleasure of speaking at MozCon this past week. My topic was Delightful Remarketing and how you can do it too. It was very well received by the crowd based on feedback and the number of people I spoke to over the next 72 hours. Notes for each slide blow.Slide 1
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Remarketing is about connecting with visitors to your website who may not have made an immediate purchase. By targeting ads in front of a defined audience that had previously visited your website.Now when I explain remarking to most people. I get this reaction…Slide 3
A lot of people find remarketing creepy and weird. They don’t get why they are seeing those ads around the internet…. let alone how to make them stop. I don’t think that has to be the case, delightful remarketing.

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Can help you grow the revenue & profit at your company AND not piss off your customers in the process, which IMO isn’t mutually exclusive. It just requires more effort from each of us.

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I’m going to share with you 3 numbers that are going change how you view remarketing, and marketing in general, for today, tomorrow and the future

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Over 60% of customers abandon a shopping cart each year: www.baymard.com/lists/cart-abandonment-rate …Think about that for a second? That’s a lot of people leaving your website and never coming back. Next to email, I feel remarking is the other warm lead gen channel that brings back customers who might not have come back otherwise.

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ecommerces represents on average 6% retail revenue in the US. I’ve seen some data that suggests it’s as high as 9.5% but either way, there is a lot of opportunity for growth if you sell your product online. Growth from stealing market share away from your competition, growing the overall market base and remarketing to people who come to your site.
A16Z: http://a16z.com/2015/06/15/u-s-tech-funding-whats-going-on/
MatterMark: www.mattermark.com/pandoland-q1-q2-state-of-startups-presented-by-andy-sparks/

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Now lets talk about the next 7 years. We’ve another 1 billion people coming online by 2020. If your remarking isn’t on point and superior to your competitors, you’re going to get left behind. Plus many of those 1 billion people will be on a mobile device. PERIOD. They won’t own a desktop computer because for many people in the BRIC countries, they can’t afford one. That means even more people abandoning their shopping cart and not buying from you, if you don’t have delightful remarketing in place. Let alone you having a site that is mobile ready. Is your company ready for the next billion? Image: http://time.com/3221958/internet-map/

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1. It’s a message match between your advertising and audience.
2. Context: how and when and on what device will your ad be viewed
3. Is this is a delightful experience?

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I want to talk about three examples today: a B2C business, a B2B SaaS business and Google AdWords Customizer.

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A burn pixel is a list of customers who converted on your website.

If you’re going on holiday to Mexico. You researched resorts and flights at your favourite travel search engine. You didn’t buy anything the first time as you were just doing research for the trip. You start to see ads around the internet for your Mexico trip. When you’re ready to buy, you click on the banner ad and convert. Days later you still see those same ads for your Mexican trip.

This is a marketing team not using a burn pixel to add you to the converted list. This is bad because you’re still showing ads to people who have converted and annoying them in the process. This happens more than we’d all like. We should always have a burn pixel fire when someone converts. It’s a major marketing faux pas. A remarking list should always be made up of people who visited your site minus those who converted.

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Lets say you’re a SaaS company with a 30 days trial period. You find churn isn’t above average but you want to convert more people? Remarketing can help show your products sticky features while showing off your benefits.

At my last startup we used Intercom to pull lists of customers who haven’t taken certain actions: these actions are the features that turn users into loyal customer. At Slack it’s 2,000 messages/month. At my last startup it was filling out their profile and schedule. At Unbounce where I work, it’s publishing 2 pages on a custom domain and driving more than 200 unique visitors to their landing pages.

Find and upload a list of user who haven’t take these actions to Twitter or Facebook and remarket to them. Show them a blog post or article on how that extra feature can make them a better person, improve their marketing, communication or make their life easier. You can even send them to case study or a white paper.

The key is to find your product features that customers can’t live without and show the rest of your community why that feature is important. Just remember to stop showing them ads after they convert.

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AdWords customizer adds a count down timer (in days or hours) to your AdWords text ads. Normally you’d use this to promote a sale you’re having. Not every company has a sale, especially if you’re in the B2B space. I was thinking earlier this year, this is a great way to promote a new feature. The traffic you send to this launch page, you could use to build a remarking list of these people who showed an interest in your brand and remarked to them at a later date once your launch takes place. This is delightful because you’re matching your audience and adverting and making sure you’re only speaking to people who would be interested in your new product or service.

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These are things to keep in mind when you’re launching any campaigns, regardless of the industry you’re in or what you’re selling.

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Cap at 2 – 3/day. You don’t want to have your customers get brand fatigued. Remarketing is a marathon not a sprint. It’s a gentle reminder not a bash over the head. If you don’t know… dig into GA and test to find out what works for your brand.

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If you’re on AdWords or a platform that lets you segment by age, do it. You can waste a lot of impressions and spend by targeting people who aren’t going to convert on your product. At my last couple startups, it has generally been 25 – 44 year olds that converted the most.

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Why target the whole country…. why not look at major cities or certain states for each country. Limited the locations you target, can save you time and money as you don’t have to worry about targeting people who have no interest in your product… or are less likely to convert. Look at GA or your analytics package to see what markets you’re strong in. Marketing is like a game of Risk, you want to own your territories and fend off competitors. Use location targeting to your advantage.

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Most platforms default to 30 days, Twitter does 14 days. So unless you’re in an industry with a long sale window; mortgages, cars or industrial equipment. Keep your look back window to 30 days or less. Very few people will convert after seeing your ads for 30 days. Plus after 30 days, it’s just annoying to see ads for a brand you may not care about.

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Use a variety of creative. Having a set of pure brand creative is fine, but make sure to mix it up with other creative that goes super niche. 10 remarketing lists of 100 people with great creative is always superior to one remarking list of 1000 people and generic creative. Keep message match in mind. The way to find ad copy for your remarking is by interviewing customers and talking with CS team. If your homepage is not answering their questions and helping the customer, that’s a golden opportunity to put it in your remarketing.

Slide 21 & 22
Talk about Remarketing Lists Search Ads in Google Analytics.

Slide 23
Make your customers better version of themselves
Show them your product’s sticky features
Use a burn pixel in every campaign
Check campaign settings
Change creative often

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