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Facebook vs Google: Who Knows More About You Online?


I’ve been thinking a lot about online identity, advertising and the different ways that Google and Facebook know who we are and know when to serve us an advertisement (aka banner ad).

Google has someone use multiple emails & profiles and has no way to connect them all together. I know Google often plays the long game but even from a short term point of view, I feel this is starting to hurt than help them. If Google doesn’t know all my profiles then how can they get a better understanding of who my whole self is online and what I like or don’t like for that matter.

Facebook has gone the route of having all your email addresses (work & personal) tied to one account you use to do everything on Facebook. This includes liking, commenting and sharing content off site; often referred to as their social graph. This also includes using your details to login into other sites to use their services.


If 85% of media dollars goes to Facebook or Google, most brands will put their money where they can target someone whether they are at work or if they are at home. Google does an amazing job at AdWords but banners ads and other monetization opportunities aren’t as fruitful at times. With Apple working on an AdWords for their app store. The competition is going to heat up between the big three.

Facebook is winning the war right now but if Chris “Moot” Poole going to Google to work on G+ shifts the balance of power in anyway. It’s going to make the next few years very interesting as we try to market online. Least of all because of the rise in ad blockers.

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