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Crafting Content at Pinterest: How Platform Insights Lead to Compelling Creative

While speaking at Digital Summit Minneapolis 2016 earlier this week. I got the chance to sit on Brad Spychalski’s talk on crafting great content and how the team at Pinterest does it. He says his team looks at Values + Interests + Insights to build content for themselves and some of the big brands like Ziplock and Coca Cola that they work with on their platform.

What makes your brand stand out? What’s your unique selling point? Values come down to how you see the world and what you can offer your potential customers that the competitors can’t. A lot of brands are trading on experiences right now but that experience has to be unique and fit into people’s lives.

The 5 areas that interests break down into are Hobby, Vocation, Preference, Project and Passion. When you take you values as a brand and start to map them over your interests. You start to see some potential content ideas bubble up to the service. If we were lego we might have some of the following down:

Hobby: adult lego builder
Vocation: lego assembler
Preference: knows all lego pieces by heart
Project: lego mountain for science fair
Passion: sell lego keychains on etsy

By looking at each of the 5 interests, you can start to see the different groups lego can target and some of the unique content and creative that the brand can come up with.

Similar to interest, you’ve insight that help you understand what has happened with your brand in the past but what also could be happening in the future as you look at Audience, Category, Timing and Trends.

Audience: Adults vs kids vs singles and couples. Each of these audiences has a different value and interest in your brand that you can use to gather more insights.

Category: What areas of people’s lives do you fit in from fun time to helping kids feel better with a gift while in the hospital. Many brands play in more than one category but can forget that at times.

Timing: Don’t release product during back to school season

Trends: Sales pick up as we head into Christmas

Brian admits this is at least a full day exercise and doesn’t happen in the 30 minutes he gave his talk. However, it is great to see how to break down your brand and look at content from then one angle. There is a battle between Pinterest and Snapchat right now for advertising dollars and both sides are build up their measurement and digital teams to prove that they can delivery more than just views.

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