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PwC Global Shoppers Report: Learn How 19 Countries Use Mobile To Shop

PCW Total Retail Survey 2015

What do thousands of shoppers around the world reveal about their shopping habits. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released their Total Retail, which has surveyed 19,000+ online shoppers in 19 different countries around the world on 6 continents. The reports shows how mobile is and isn’t changing retail and what the future of commerce, online & in-store, may look like.

 Yet, just 29% of our survey respondents overall currently envision using their smart phone as their “main tool” for purchasing (see figure 8 on page 16) and, despite the extraordinary global penetration of mobile phones and devices shown in figure 5 below, only 3% of our respondents chose them as their “preferred” payment method. Moreover, more than half of our 19,000- plus respondents have never used a mobile phone or tablet to shop (52% and 54%, respectively).

Mobile Phone Shopping

How Much Does The Average Person Spend Online?

Barclays VISA Card

The UK spend more online than any other country, with Australia being it’s closest rival. Having spent some time living in Melbourne, I can a test to their love of shopping online.

A good report on spending by some of the world’s leading country’s.

I’m Quoted In The Globe & Mail: All that blogging, Tweeting Can Pay Off

Over the last week, Nov. 1st, 2012 print / Nov 5th, 2012 online, I was quoted in a Globe & Mail: All that blogging, tweeting can pay off. The phone interview lasted 30 minutes and beyond my quotes. Really glad to see Marjo to use part of my digital strategy plan at the bottom of the page.

Joe Fresh Uses Tablets In Retail Stores

With Canadians running to their tablets and usage rising since the beginning of 2011. It’s no wonder that I’d walk into a Joe Fresh store today and see the above table, pretty sure it’s an iPad, being used as a way for customers to view the Joe Fresh clothing line, and website.

Right now it seemed like just a way to view the website and existing line of clothes that is offered in the store at Joe Fresh. However, in the future I hope we can see:

  • Payment kiosk through sale associate
  • POS system for stores ( like Urban Outfitters)
  • Change room requests: new size, item or colour
  • Bring your store profile to help with returns/exchanges
  • Anything that helps create a more efficient/genuine customer experience

I think it’s great to see a Canadian retailer taking a forwarding looking stance with technology and incorporating it in its store. I’m not sure if this is the first Canadian retailer to do this beyond Apple, however, we know it won’t be the last.

Age of Conversation 4 – Want To Join In?

I’ve been lucky and humbled to be a part of the Age of Conversation a couple times since 2008… and this year I’m back for another round. Check out the post Age of Conversation 4 — want to be one of our authors? if you want to sign up, learn more or just kill some Monday morning at work!