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Blog Post Series: Building A Profitable Performance Campaign

While traveling around Asia from October until 9th December, I launched a blog post series on how to create a profitable performance campaign. I picked this topic because after being in this industry for 10 years and working across North America, Australia and Europe, it’s still the basics (to intermediate) items I see a lot of people get wrong. Plus talking to my Google CSRs, seems to be their issue to.

If you’re reading beyond this paragraph then please make sure you’ve the following done already:

  • Review account structure and that you’re using negative keywords ruthlessly
  • Is your AdWords account and Google Analytics (GA) linked?
    • Check that your YouTube account, G+ Profile and other analytics package are synced up with GA or your main analytics package. You’ll be surprised how often this isn’t the case
  • Review the account, campaign and adgroup settings on your account(s)
  • Make sure all your URLs are live (no 404 page error or broken links)
  • Have seasonal stock running? That should be turned off!
  • Double check your match type and location targeting
  • Don’t mistakenly have display campaigns active do you?

Done? Good, now that we’ve that out of the way. There are many things I look for after a basic campaign has been setup and has started to generate traffic for your industry but below are the quick wins I look for next. You could go beyond these and look at your SKUs & product performance historically, setting up automatic rules, double checking your extensions are running or use shared budgets and master negative lists. However, before I do any of those I make sure I’ve done everything below. Here were the posts in my series:

Bonus Tip
If you’ve done everything above and want to challenge yourself then look into AdWords scripts. I’ve been playing with them the last couple years while living in London and they are wicked helpful. Takes some knowledge of programming but you can learn all that as you go.

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