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Topman uses Google+ at London Collections: Men AW 2014

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Being over here in London the last 14 months, you see how high street brands embrace social media a lot more than brands back home Canada. Despite what some might say about Google+, Topman has been a major high street brand at the forefront of embracing the platform (they also love their Pinterest).

With the show ending this past Wednesday, it’ll be great to see how well the platform faired for the brands as we kick off 2014. Will  this be the year more brands embrace Google+?

The Millennial Index: Gen Y Research

The Millennial Index

I’d not call it the definitive source of research (The Millennial Index) on millennials, however, I’d say it’s another source to look at and see how it reflects a generation.

  • Just 15% of Millennial spend 3 hours or more on Twitter a week
  • Only a minority (41%) spend more than 3 hours a week on Facebook and 29% spend more than 3 hours a week on YouTube
  • 65% of Millennials spend more time accessing the internet via a laptop or desktop PC than via their smartphone or tablet

I’ve spend this year targeting youth and my generation more than any other year with my career. Digging into the numbers with helping client’s design websites, understand how my generation uses technology and what privacy actually means to us. Teens are more savvy then some give them credit for but they still have a lot to learn as they navigate the Internet and how it truly works.

How Much Does The Average Person Spend Online?

Barclays VISA Card

The UK spend more online than any other country, with Australia being it’s closest rival. Having spent some time living in Melbourne, I can a test to their love of shopping online.

A good report on spending by some of the world’s leading country’s.

hshtags – The Multi-Platform Search Engine for Hashtags

hsh homescreen

Want to know what people truly think about your brand across social media platforms? Check out hshtags - the engine searches Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Flickr – for all your ethnographic needs.

The Future of Digital Marketing 2013


I don’t read Business Insider very often but when I do it’s for their research report. After last year’s successful, Pretty Much Every Current Stat, You Need to Know About, on Digital Advertising, Mobile, Social and Devices!, post. They have done it again with The Future of Digital Marketing 2013.