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Ad Blockers Won’t Go Away Until We Make More Relevant Ads

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I get pitched a lot from vendors across the marketing industry who say they have the platform to solve my marketing challenges and make me more money. However, most can’t do it without giving their platform more credit then it deserves in our attribution model.

Yesterday I got pitched AdLinks. The platforms lets a brand create s shortened URL that cookies a person each time someone clicks on the link. Once that happens the person will start to see banner ads for the brand around the internet. This is a semi-remarketing play because the person doesn’t have to go to your brands website, you can send them to any site with the shortened URL. People seem to be doing these new ad styles becomes of ad blockers I feel.


Ad Blockers
With 20% – 35% of people using ad blockers (more UK stats) across all age demos and most income types over the last few years. This doesn’t seem like a trend that is going to slow down. People are trying to stop seeing all the bland, boring or low relevance ads that are taking over their screens. It seems that every marketing platform is trying to find ways to put more banners ads in front of people, which is the main reason why people are using ad blockers to begin with.

If someone is trying to stop you from doing something, trying to get them to do it with force doesn’t seem like the right solution to the problem.  I think Bad Woods said it best:

But that’s exactly what digital ads aren’t. Strategically, they’re liabilities for consumers. We play whack a mole with them on our screens, right? They suck up time, attention, motivation, valuable screen space — and give readers less than nothing in return. Let me put in corporate-ese so you can’t make an excuse for getting it. Their “ROI” to consumers is less than zero. It’s negative. Have you ever met a digital ad that didn’t a) annoy the daylights of you b) steal your attention c) give you nothing in return? I haven’t.

The ROI just isn’t there. For AdLinks I find more then a few issues with the product:

URL Load Times
The extra load time on the URL is annoying. People hate the extra load time on a video, they aren’t going to like a 2-4 second delay on a link so it can load cookie data to show them ads.

Content Getting Read
Once people find out that clicking on these links will lead to more ads, they won’t click on them. This defeats the main point of putting your content out there….so it gets read by your community and people connected to them.

The Experience
We seem to be trying to show more ads in front of peoples ads which seems like the wrong strategy. We should be trying to create less ads but have them be of more value and relevant to each person. Ads that offer something that makes the person’s day better and creates a delightful experience.

Call me cynical but I can see people abusing this advertising idea to create false shortened URLs to get people to give use secure information and comprise their network and company.

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