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Hello. Welcome.

My Name’s Duane.

May 2012

I help clients achieve business outcomes within digital marketing and not just deliverables. The distinction between business outcomes & deliverables is key when comparing me to other freelance digital strategists.

What Sets Duane Apart?

  1. Focused on outcomes not deliverables for all client work
  2. Proposes ideas that work with budget and technology
  3. Can help execute on his strategic ideas
  4. Available 9-5 for onsite client work and meetings

Living in Melbourne, Australia for 6.5 months, London for 2 years while also spending my formative years moving around Toronto most of my life has changed how I view the world and the people within. Remembering we are all people is important when working on project. Real people see what we put out there.

Having a deep passion for food, travel, design, video game s& technology has served well in life. I’ve been lucky to be featured in a number of publications including PSFK’s Good Brands Report 2010, .Net Magazine as well as spoken at North By North East Interactive, CMA’s Social Media Conference, Search Engine Strategies Toronto, and Social Media Optimization Conference, which took place in San Francisco.

You can also follow me on Twitter: @DuaneBrown as I’m always interested in talking with other people from around the globe.

AF Expo: San Francisco June 29th, 2011
CMA’s Social Media Conference: Toronto, Ontario June 23rd, 2011
Social Media Optimization Conference: San Francisco May 24th, 2011
Freelance Camp Toronto: Toronto, Ontario October 03, 2010
Mouth Media – Social Media Bootcamp: Toronto, Ontario September 22, 2010
Hover – Twitter 101 for Customer Service: Toronto, Ontario August 6th, 2010
North By Northeast Interactive 2010: Toronto, Ontario June 15-16, 2010
Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2010: Toronto, Ontario June 10-11, 2010

Globe and Mail: all that blogging, tweeting can pay off November 5th, 2012
.Net Magazine: Report: The 99% Conference May 9th, 2011
Advertising Insight: Speaker Series: Duane Brown, Digital Strategist Extraordinaire September 28th, 2010
TechVibes 5 Questions with… Duane Brown July 28, 2010
PSFK’s: Good Brands Report 2010 (Page 10: IKEA & Page 13: FourSquare) Blog Post or PDF April 2010
Matt Braga – Ryerson University: Online Advertising Industry April 2009
Show #188 – Understanding Video as Brand Engagement Tool (Podcast) September 2008
Book:The New Rules of Marketing and PR June 2008
Kotaku: Online PR For Dummies May 15, 2007

Gamasutra: The Real Cost Of Marketing Your Game With Social Media (Article) July 13, 2010
Gamasutra: Listening Is Your First Step: An Online Game Marketing Audit Primer (Article) May 11, 2010
Book: Age of Conversation 3 (Chapter) October 2009
Company Blog: OriginalThought.ca (Articles) September 2008 – March 2009
Book: Age of Conversation 2 (Chapter) October 2008
Game Set Watch: Counter-Opinion: Why The Orange Box’s Name Is Alright (Article) November 29, 2007
Book: Join The Conversation (Chapter) October 2007
Gamasutra: Online PR For Games: There Is No Going Back Now (Article) June 25, 2007
Gamasutra: Online Public Relations: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Article) May 10, 2007
Gamasutra: The Art & Science of Public Relations (Article) March 14, 2007

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