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3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Multi-Channel Attribution


If you’re trying to figure out multi-channel attribution and all the different models you could choose from.  Than you’re drowning in options and where to start from. While I’ve been mulling things over the last two months and making some headway, I’ve started with some basic questions.

How Will We Define Success?
I think trying to figure out what success means beyond the initial campaign is import. Success can’t be defined within a campaign launch window. Many potential customers may start their journey with your brand with this campaign… if it’s the starting point and not the end point where they buy. Than you’ve to understand how that campaign can help grow your business and if you’ve to put more money into its success.

What Should Our Success Framework Look Like?
Every brand has different goals and conversions. Figuring out if your latest campaign has contributed to more than one goal is a good starting point. Maybe you thought a campaign would achieve one goal but after looking at all your campaigns, you find out the campaign and other similar campaigns was better for achieving a different goal. Having that information means you can better align with campaigns with the goals you want to achieve. One other area I looked at was budget, only comparing campaigns that spent a certain budget is a good start point because it gives you a baseline to judge all campaigns.

What Is Our Attribution Window?
Knowing how far back you should look at customer interactions with your band will help you understand if you’re being successful and if your framework is starting to take shape and make sense. I’d look back at 90 – 180 days as a starting point because it’s a long enough window to get an idea if your campaigns and attribution is starting to take shape and give you meaningful data that you can turn into information. Information that can help grow your brand.

There are half a dozen or more questions you will ask yourself as you go through this process but you’ve to start from somewhere. Good truly is better than perfect and if you don’t start then you can’t grow your business in the long run.

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