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Will Vine Reach Mass Market Appeal?

Vine LogoI feel for Vine to break out of the agency and media landscape and truly capture the limelight of the Instagram world. It’s going to need, as I said above to Aki Spicer, a “plane in a river moment”.

What do I mean by this?

A moment so big that mainstream media can’t ignore it. A moment that is first captured on Vine by users (aka Viners?) and then broadcast to the rest of the world through the lens of traditional media. That’s what happened when US Airways flight 1549 crashing in New York’s Hudson river. It was another breakout moment for Twitter that saw its number rise and gain even more credibility as a platform and not just a fad. This wasn’t the first time news broke on Twitter, however, it’s the one moment everyone remembers.

For Vine to survive into the summer and gain a broad users base by end of 2013. This moment will have to come within the next 12 months and happen two or three times over the next few years to prove it’s not a flash in a pan moment. Can Vine go mainstream?


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