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Agency Services: We’re All Just A Little To Similar

Last night I attended a thought provoking talk with from Gareth K, Chief Strategy Office at Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, about being radical and some of the challenges ahead:

  1. We’re all offering a full service agency, which is something clients don’t want
  2. We’re spending less then Starbucks does on training and developments
  3. We’re narcissistic to the point of not really listening to the client.

It’s the first point I really wanted to touch on as it relates to a Tim Williams post this week about who is your real competition? Much like Gareth, Tim talks about the idea if we all offer the same services, what’s the point?

When I went back to freelancing 3 years ago, I knew I couldn’t nor would I want to be a full service shop. However, I had to focus on what I offered so it made sense that even my mom or boyfriend could understad it. Well at the same time be sellable to clients and agencies as we worked together. It’s been a journey and of self discovery and saying no to work outside of that sphere, however, it has keep me grounded on doing awesome work and making sure I’m not just making advertising.

Now if we can all just stop jumping on the social media bandwagon and get back to focusing on what we do best… maybe our clients would spend more money because they believe and know we’ve increased their business aka made them a ton more money.

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