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Fiercely Independent: My Life In 2011

This video inspired my second half of 2011

Conan O’Brien’s 2011 Dartmouth College Commencement Address

It has been a crazy & rocky year of mostly positives and a few negatives. I’ve to say getting dumped by a guy I was dating started me on this crazy good journey.

* Paying off my student debt & becoming debt free at 29.
* Moving to Australia in September to live for 7 6 months after finding a job and a place to live in 30 days.
* Launching eat:Strategy conference in June (start planning for next 2012 soon).
* Travelling to Austin, New Year, Chicago, San Francisco (twice for speaking gigs)

* Not making as much money as I’d like and hopped for in Australia.
* Losing focus & becoming slightly depressed in May over something that wasn’t important

When I look back on 2011. I achieved more then I could have hopped for by following my heart & passion. I also trusted AND invested in myself one idea at a time. Above all I planned through a few back up plans for each idea and didn’t waste any time… outside of my rocky May and being depressed. A good kick in the bum, which I gave myself, got me back on track. To 2012 and all our hopes & dream.

  1. Duane Brown

    Thanks Emma. It has been a crazy year and excited to kick off 2012. I’m getting paid well, just had a higher amount in my mind before landing. Working client side VS agency would be why mostly.

  2. Congrats on paying off your debt, Duane! But sorry to hear Australia isn’t proving as fruitful as you’d hope. I expected the opposite to be honest, based on my experience down under. Hope it picks up!

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