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DIY Graffiti Analysis LED Spray Can


Designed by Evan Roth | Country: United States | Found Via: PSFK

The Graffiti Analysis Tool utilizes motion capture technology via a small LED + camera modification to allow for works of street to be immortalized digitally. In addition, this offers a new option for conservation of such works of art. The above video demonstrates.

Evidence That Social Media Really Does Drive Sales

The Next Web has a great post saying that there is Evidence that Social Media Really Does Drive Sales. The article talks about GAP, Facebook, Foursquare, Delta Airlines & McDonalds. Some really good examples in the article.

Pulling The Trigger To Purchase: Insights On Marketing To Avid Gamers

Great report over at The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) on gamers called Pulling the Trigger to Purchase: Insights on Marketing to Avid Gamers.

Location-Based Services Users Are Passionate But Niche

A quick and interesting study I came across on Read Write Web the other day.

Infographic: The Colors Of The Top 100 Web Brands

Found Via: PSFK