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Paid Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Tools: The Complete Guide

My goal is to help put together a complete list of social media monitoring/listening tools out there on the market.
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We all know about Radian6 and Sysomos or even Rapleaf. But what about Infegy or even the new product from the team at Sprinklr. I’ve been looking for a great list the last few weeks as I’m pitching a few potential clients and couldn’t find any. Most lists out there mention a handful of up to 10 applications and that’s it. I think this is an important list because it’s not a one size fits all solution.

Radian6 is the darling on the market right now and having demoed their product and a few others, I can honestly say that it’s a great product. However, maybe the product is too feature rich for your current needs and you want something slimmed down. Maybe you even want to start out with a few free products to help identify your goals for monitoring your brand.  Then I’m hoping this list will help us over time. You should also check out these two articles: Free Social Media Monitoring Tools and 19 Free Social Media Tools for Your Dashboard for a list of a lot of the free tools on the market.

[Update] You should also check out Forrester reports below, free PDFs, as it shows the shift in over the last 4 years in the space.
Forrester Wave™: Social Media Listening Platforms, Q2 2012
Forrester Wave™: Social Media Listening Platforms, Q3 2011
Forrester Wave™: Social Media Listening Platforms, Q3 2010
Forrester Wave™: Social Media Listening Platforms, Q1 2009

[Update II] I’ve also divided the list by continent (where each tools HQ is and not their coverage area as many serve global clients), which should help people looking for something homegrown outside of North America.

Last Updated: July 23rd, 2014

South America

  1. Brandmetric
  2. Social Metrix


  1. Brandtology
  2. Jamiq
  3. Thought Buzz
  4. Webfluenz

Australia/ New Zealand

  1. 6dgree
  2. Buzz Numbers
  3. Dialogix


  1. Asomo
  2. Attentio
  3. Brand Chats
  4. Brandseye
  5. Brandwatch
  6. Clipit
  7. Linkfluence
  8. Management Monitor
  9. M Brain
  10. Onalytica
  11. PropheSEE
  12. Sendible
  13. Sentiment Metrics
  14. Spotter
  15. Synthesio
  16. TraceBuzz

North America

  1. ArgyleSocial
  2. Attensity
  3. Buzzient
  4. Cision Social Media
  5. Contextmine
  6. Crimson Hexagon: VoxTrot
  7. eCairn
  8. Engagement Labs
  9. Infegy
  10. Infinigraph
  11. InfoNgen
  12. Jive Software
  13. Loud Pixel
  14. MediaMiser
  15. MediaVantage
  16. Meltwater
  17. Moreover
  18. Mutual Mind
  19. Networked Insights
  20. Oracle Sound Cloud
  21. Raven Tool
  22. Recorded Future
  23. RepuTrace
  24. salesforce Marketing Cloud
  25. Sysomos
  26. Spiral16: Spark
  27. Spredfast
  28. Sprinklr
  29. Trackur
  30. Tracx
  31. VenueLabs
  32. Viral Heat
  33. Visible Technologies

If you’ve any questions, comments or want to let me know of an app I missed. Then please feel free to contact (e-mail or @DuaneBrown) me. I love hearing from people.

  1. It’s hard to find experienced people in this particular topic, but you
    sound like you know what you’re talking about!

  2. Thanks for this comprehensive list of paid social media monitoring tools. Very informative and useful. In addition to the above mentioned tools, I would like to add Plumlytics. Plumlytics is the 1st all-in-one solution for social media management with comprehensive listening and predictive analytics built-in. Also it is very affordable

  3. i think the list must be updated with sociota.net in asia. this is a very powerful tool which offers great keyword research and competitor analysis.

  4. Thanks for a really great list of tools to explore and evaluate. One option that I don’t see on your list, but you and/or your readers might find interesting: LittleBird (getlittlebird.com) — a social monitoring platform that Mark Cuban recently invested in.

  5. Hi Duane,
    nice list! Maybe you want to add our social media monitoring tool, too? Feel free to cantact me for further information.

  6. Duane Brown

    @Aditi Checked out the tool and added it to our list. Thank you for reaching out on Twitter as well.

  7. Duane Brown

    @Abhishek Thank you for the comment and mention. Added to the list and updated it. Great to see more tools out in the India area.

  8. Hi Duane,
    Great compilation since this is the first of its kind list I have seen which is segmented geographically. I would like to add another tool to this list, webfluenz, which goes one step beyond pure numbers and delivers actionable intelligence. It is a multi-language tool with powerful filters which provides users with sentiment, influencer and topical trend analytics along with powerful features such as geographic tagging and real-time updates! Let me know if you need any clarifications! For further details please visit this link http://www.webfluenz.com/


  9. I think omllion.com must be there in the list. Omllion is a social media monitoring company and for more details visit http://www.omllion.com


  10. Duane Brown

    Thank you for the comment Irene. The reason you don’t see it on the list is because I wasn’t aware it existed. This list is made up of a combination of online research and vendors coming to me. Thanks for letting me know about this new tool.

  11. Irene Lo

    Why dont I see the most advanced tool Autonomy mentioned in the above vendor list? They have built in advanced intelligence to understand and read sentiments and knowledge of what data is relevant to the users.

  12. Swix (http://swixhq.com) is another one for the list. It is totally comparable to some of the much more expensive programs and definitely worth some consideration.

  13. Duane Brown

    Thanks for the comment Sergei. Sounds like an interesting tool and company.

  14. Duane,

    Thanks for compiling this fantastic list. I have another product for you:


    We take social media monitoring to the next level with an aptly named service called “relationship intelligence”. Not only does it monitor, analyze, and aggregate social media data, but it allows the user to collaborate instantly with his entire company. It includes email sharing, relationship mapping, sentiment and volumentric analysis of company wide communications, customer complaints, and much more. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything! Thanks,

    Sergei A. Dolukhanov
    Director of Marketing

  15. Duane,

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I did just recently come across another on tool this week. http://www.mutualmind.com. You can add them to your list as well.

    Please keep it going.


  16. Yes indeed UberVU (http://ubervu.com) should be part of the list 😉

  17. you should put in your list SentiMatrix too 😉

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    RT @duanebrown: Just added @recordedfuture to my list of 75+ social media monitoring tools divided by continent: [link to post] Who Am

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    RT @matt_hodkinson: RT @duanebrown: Just added to my list of 75+ social media monitoring tools [link to post] Who Am I missing?

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    @DuaneBrown thanks for an outstanding list of monitoring services. #Neat #Social #Computing #Services #Analytics [link to post]

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  21. Hi there! Thought I might suggest to also add UberVU on your list 🙂
    In short, we’re putting together streams of relevant mentions on any subject people are talking about, add the mentions of that subject on a whole bunch of social networks and then give you conversations to help filter the noise.

    If interested, you can check us out at http://www.ubervu.com.

    Thank you!

  22. Thanks for the mention!
    Eric Melin

  23. Duane Brown

    @Mark Glad you like the new upgrade

    @Sheldon Sysomos was one of the first to hit my list along with Radian6. Also one of the first few tools I demoed last summer.

    Please let me know if there is anyway I can make this list even better.

  24. Hey Duane,

    I can’t believe I haven’t seen this earlier.
    Glad you have Sysomos on this list as one of the more known companies.

    Thanks for the great recommendation,

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  25. Great list, Duane. Really smart to sort the list by continent!

  26. Duane Brown

    @Jordi Thank you for the note and it’s changed.

    @Essi You’re welcome with the mention. I think this list by continent is going to give everyone an easier place to start from their own starting point. Made the quick change as well.

    It has been a crazy year of keeping this up to date. The industry is changing fast, which I think is a good thing in some ways. I’m doing a post tomorrow on some of the changes I’ve seen while trying to keep this list updated.

  27. Great list and thanks for the mention! We are however based in Europe – we work mostly in the UK, Nordics and Central Europe.



  28. Hi Duane, thanks for including BrandChats in your list. Please note that the link to our website is OK, but not our name.
    SMM is changing and evolving fast, nice to see a lot of vendors with different aproaches here. Not easy to keep an updated list. Congrats.

  29. Twitter Comment

    @duanebrown Thanks for the kudos Duane 🙂

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    @D_Hock Dan have you not seen my list of Paid SM Tools: [link to post] ? There are tons of options. Depending on how you use the tool

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  31. Twitter Comment

    #socialmedia Paid Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Tools: The (almost) Complete Guide [link to post]

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  32. Twitter Comment

    @verbr CoTweet looks good. Haven’t demoed or used it personally. I was looking at products that cross all SM platforms.

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  33. Twitter Comment

    @verbr Maybe just a list of Twitter monitoring tools is in order now. There are a number out there.

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  34. Twitter Comment

    @duanebrown Thanks, Duane. I am looking over your list now. Lots to absorb! Did you consider CoTweet? I use that for twitter accounts.

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    Finally! A complete list of SM monitoring tools (or, if not, pls add to it!): [link to post]

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    @duanebrown just made connection w/ post [link to post] & past mention http://bit.ly/3UrRSF | we’d appreciate @RepuTrack add to list

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  37. Twitter Comment

    RT @verbr Finally! A complete list of SM monitoring tools (or, if not, pls add to it!): [link to post]

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  38. One thing that we find is that there is a lot of confusion out there about the type of SMM solution that is the “best” for a particular company – there are consulting firms that will do everything for you and hand you a finished report, there are lightweight keyword-based monitoring tools, there are companies like Attensity that provide hosted/installed software for deep analytics and response combining SMM with internal data sources, etc etc.

    One thing is for sure, as some others have posted, there is definitely room for a little consolidation in the industry, either by partnering or by acquisition.

  39. Twitter Comment

    @leahjones Here’s 39 paid [link to post] and lots of free http://tinyurl.com/ck8hvu. There’s about 200 co.s. Any criteria to narrow?

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    RT @deakaz: Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Tools: The (almost) Complete Guide – [link to post] (via @bkmacdaddy)

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  41. Twitter Comment

    Social Media Monitoring & Measurement Tools: The (almost) Complete Guide – [link to post]

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  42. Twitter Comment

    Great (working) list of Paid Social Media Monitoring from @duanebrown [link to post]

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  43. Twitter Comment

    @garyvee A friend of mine has put a list together of a lot of the lot of them. A lot of these need to go out of business. [link to post]

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  44. Duane Brown

    Hey Tam

    Thanks for the comment and e-mail. I hope we can connect when you get back and run me through a demo.

  45. There are certainly a lot of companies and solutions available these days! After being one of the players in the traditional media measurement and intelligence for so long, it has been fun to expand our offerings and then to see this market successfullly blossom . But it has also made it more confusing for a buyer of these services.

    We at Biz360 agree with you that this is absolutely not a one-size fits all situation. As evidenced by the range of companies on your list – as well as the companies on our own client list. In order for the buyer to be successful, it is important that they have a solid picture of what they want to accomplish with the solution. Or if they are new to this, that they are working with a partner who can help them to identify that. A larger global enterprise wide company has very different needs than a small or midsized company with or without staffing to manage their monitoring, measurement and outreach. Additionally, a PR executive, product researcher, brand marketer or online community manager may all have individual needs.

    We offer multiple self-service applications, as well as customized services and analyst reporting services, depending on the specific business needs of each client. For examples, among our range of solutions we can isolate invaluable product reviews down to the specific attribute and SKU levels; marry both social and traditional media into consolidated (and sometimes global multi-lingual) measurement programs; and of course simply track the social media channels.

    Good luck with your list!

  46. Please also checkout Tweettronics (http://www.tweettronics.com), a new Twitter focused brand, product, topic and influence monitoring service.

  47. Dialogix is another great social media monitoring tool – it tracks sentiment about particular brands or entire industries, across ALL social media platforms, and allows you to track your key influencers and hecklers. Visit http://www.dialogix.com.au

  48. Hi!

    Thanks for keeping this list open: let me submit the name of another social media analytics firm, called linkfluence (linkfluence.net), focusing on social graph analysis, qualified monitoring and opinion research.


    Stan Magniant (@stanm), linkfluence

  49. never too late to comment.
    I work for eCairn (kind of started it btw).
    I’m surprised you put rapleaf in there ;-).
    I have a request for you if thats ok. We think we have a very different approach to this issue than other platforms (i.e: we don’t start with topics and keywords). If you’re curious, I could tell you about it

  50. Hi Duane,
    Thank you so much for include Spark on your list. We continue to post software upgrades and improvements on our blog, so keep an eye out for more technology from Spiral16!

    Whitney Mathews
    Social Media Manager

  51. Duane,

    Be careful what you wish for. 🙂 I started out looking for all of the companies who offered social media analysis (tools or services) in 2006. I expected to find a few dozen companies, but my database is now at 200. The more you look, the more you find. Of course, they don’t all do exactly the same thing, which is what keeps it interesting.

    Two lists you might find interesting: Social Media Analysis for Workgroups (software) and the 63 companies in the 2nd edition of the Guide to Social Media Analysis.

    I also post the latest news from the industry at Social Media Analysis. Hope you like it.

    Nathan Gilliatt
    Social Target

  52. Thanks for the great list and the mention


  53. Hi Duane,

    MediaMiser is a media monitoring and analysis firm that offers social media monitoring services. Would love to show you sometime!

    Kelly Rusk
    @krusk and @MediaMiser

  54. Twitter Comment

    RT @duanebrown Updated SM Tools List to include DNA13 & impactwatch: [link to post]

    – Posted using Chat Catcher

  55. Duane Brown

    Hey Hannah
    Thanks again. It’s a great post.. so I had to RT it as well. Put in a little discourse as well. Never heard of Factiva, so I’ll have to check them out as well.

    Hey Colin
    I’m glad you find it useful. Let me know if you come across any not on my list.

  56. Great list Duane! I’ll definitely be making use of this in the near future (clients love options!)

  57. I also added this to my Top Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Posts of the Week on our blog. I was going to @reply you, but then I would have bumped your post off of our homepage 😉

  58. Duane Brown

    Thank you again everyone for the great feedback so far. Going to work really hard to keep this list updated.

  59. Twitter Comment

    Paid Social Media Monitoring and Measurement Tools: The (almost) Complete Guide – Creative Traction [link to post]

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  60. Hi Duane,

    There’s one more to add to your list..

    dna13 – we’re an aggregator of media content providers (including Neilsen Buzz Metrics and Moreover if you want to talk internet and SM coverage).

    We aggregate social media content, TV, print, magazines, online and internet news into a single dashboard monitoring tool.

    Helps PR and marketing pros monitor and measure everything in one location.

    I’m sure your list will be extremely helpful for all those trying to listen with confidence!

    Alecia O’Brien

  61. Hi Duane,

    Great list, and a great resource for folks looking to research monitoring tools. Thanks for including us, and for the kind words.

    Amber Naslund
    Director of Community, Radian6

  62. Twitter Comment

    @duanebrown has put together a very good list of paid social media monitoring tools. Any additions anyone? [link to post]

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  63. Twitter Comment

    RT @duanebrow Paid SM monitoring tools: [link to post] What have I missed? Get your geek on & help make this list better for everyone.

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  64. Collin Douma

    Great list. I’m glad to bookmark it. Very helpful.

    I wonder if there is a way to do a feature spreadsheet on these services.

    A beer to the first person who can tell me how to measure the impression reach of a message on twitter. (not the reach of a tweet, but the combined reach of a campaign based on variable keywords)

    A bottle to the one who can automate sentiment of those tweets.

    I haven’t found a tool that can do that yet very well.

    Since all of the companies will be reading this post… I am open to hearing your thoughts

    email me at collin.douma@proximity.ca

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