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comScore: The Next Generation Of Audience Measurement

I’ve spent the last few days going over comScore’s Introducing Media Metrix 360: The Next Generation of Audience Measurement. The presentation was given by Magid Abraham the CEO of comScore at the Conversational Marketing Summit in New York.

Magid thinks that one of the flawed issues we’ve is in measuring people that surfing on multiple machines is that they get counted as different users. I know I surf at home, at school and then some more on my BlackBerry. So this means I might get tracked as three unique users when I go to 1up or Facebook or even GameTrailers.

Magid’s goal is to use a hybrid panel measurement method to collect and clean the traffic data. Then apply proprietary methodologies that leverage location, demographic and personal behavior information to finish tweaking the data.

Key Benefits for Participating Sites:

    • Comprehensive coverage; 100% of activity

– New “Universe Report” mobile and public machines

– Census-adjusted metrics in current Media Metrix reports  (Home and Work

  • Improved coverage of At-Work population
  • Harmonization /  reconciliation of panel vs. server
  • Granularity
  • More timely reporting
  • Transparency

This sounds like a great idea in theory but I’ll be interested to see when the first report is available in a couple months. Check out the PDF to get a better idea of what comScore is trying to do.

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