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Finding A Social Media Job On Twitter

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Dear Social Media Expert/Strategist/Consultant

I’m writing you this letter today because of your latest tweet. I’ve seen this written a few times and I find it ironic that you and so many people said the following on Twitter:

“Does anyone know someone hiring for a Social Media position”.

If one wants to get that type of position, wouldn’t it make sense that you know how to use the search feature on Twitter and pull these results into an RSS feed or have the ability to navigate the social media landscape. I find this even more ironic when you’ve social media expert, strategist or some such title on your profile. I’ve done some training with getting people up to speed on social media but the last thing I’m is an expert or strategist in social media.

So I plead with you to take out social media expert/strategist out of your job title and learn the basics before you even begin to call yourself an expert. Also make sure you read a few blogs, it might help you realize that you are far from being an expert. Thank you for your time. I just had to get this off my cheast!


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