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In-Game Ads Grow To $971 Million By 2011

Another new report released on Friday is saying that in-game advertising is going to grow to $971.3 million by the year 2011.

According to a new report published by Yankee Group analysts, in-game advertising could climb considerably to $971.3 million by the year 2011, up from just $77 million globally in 2006 and $56 million in 2005, as companies begin to target the video game market for static and dynamic commercials.

In-Game AdThis is a stark contrast to the report releases by Parks Associates a few weeks ago. Parks Associates is thinking $2 billion by 2012, which is crazy as a $1 billion dollar difference in a year is a lot of in-game ads. Hopefully they are using different metrics and crunching their numbers different. I wonder when these reports will start to including virtual worlds like Second Life and There.com if they start adding advertising to their revenue mix.

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