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Top 10 Gaming Facebook Applications

I can’t believe its’ been a month since Facebook launched their developer API program. In that time we’ve gone from seeing Redbull and a handful of gaming related widgets to over 138 widgets from mainstream brands to lesser known ones. AllFacebook mentions the current rush we are seeing within the Facebook application community. With just over 600,000 users for the most popular gaming application to just under 17,000 from 10th placed application. It’ll be interesting to see what gaming application breaks the 1 million users mark. InsideFacebook has a recent article talking about the top 100 applications, which includes a handy graph. With Facebook as a whole having such a large built-in audience, I can’t help but see Facebook becoming a platform for social gaming (more on that in my next post).

Top Ten Gaming Applications

  1. (fluff)Friends
  2. Zombies
  3. Red Bull Roshambull
  4. Pets
  5. Rock Paper Scissors
  6. Tarot
  7. Games
  8. Daily Tarot
  9. Free Games
  10. Chess

The list is pretty divers overall and besides being easy to play and use, there are no real common themes between all the gaming applications. What I would love to see is how often people are playing with the applications and for how long. For all we know the top game has only half the users actually playing with it while everyone else installed the application and forgot about it. There is an almost “me to” mentality going on right now. It’ll be fun the watch the gaming application section over the summer and beyond and see how things transgress.

  1. Ian from www.thenewsroom.com

    It’s not a gaming app, but this one’s worth a mention! http://apps.facebook.com/thenewsroom

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