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13 Tools To Help Market Your Startup In 2017

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Working in the performance marketing space for 8 of the last 10 years has been amazing. I’ve been able to use many tools and services to do my job better (and faster). Maintaining quality should always been number 1.

I also believe in automation not repetition where possible. You should know how to do the task manually before automating anything (and why you’re doing it).

Below are some of the tools I use each week (some daily) to get my job done. A couple I’ve been using for 8 years now. They have stood the test of time.

Zapier – The software helps you connect two programs together that don’t have an official integration. e.g. importing a Twitter list into a Slack channel, so it’s searchable later by your team. I did this recently for a Twitter list I had based on research publications. Zapier’s recipe library.

IFTTT – It’s is a web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements, called “recipes”, which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail, Dropbox, Instagram, and Craigslist. Seer Interactive put together a great list of IFTTT recipes for marketers.

AdWords Scripts – Provide a way to programmatically control your AdWords data. You can use scripts to automate common procedures or interact with external data in one to many AdWords accounts. A couple cool scripts I’ve been using over the last year are URL Link Checkers and Keyword Performance. Brainlabs also has an AdWords script library that is a great resource if you work in the commerce space or have a ton of different inventory and SKUs type clients.

Search Trends
Knowing what a community or country is searching for is high up there for performance marketers. Each country and industry offer a rich nuance of what makes them unique. Having lived in 5 cities on 3 continents, I can tell you for a fact that the subtle differences are what make this job challenging and interesting.

I use both Google’s Keyword Planner and KeywordTool.io to find out what people search for and what’s trending over the last 12 months. Don’t forget Google’s Trends for a global POV on search and knowledge.

Google’s URL Builder helps you track campaigns beyond what gets important in Google Analytics. I use it for campaigns on third-party networks, Bing and anything I’d want to track in MixPanel.

Medium’s Charted helps you take your data and visualize it. Not everyone is a fan of or knows how to do pivot tables. Charted helps with that by visualizing any data set you link into, however, it doesn’t store any data on the site. The tool has only been out 4 months but it’s already proving to be very useful. If you work with a decentralized team, this tool along with Slack is a one two punch combo.

Social Advertising
Facebook’s Grid Tool checks if your newsfeed ad is 20% over the text limit. Platform limitation on social advertising is a challenge to keep track of. Both these links will help you understand if something is possible at a basic level. It’s not guaranteed but it’s a good starting point.

If you’re building landing pages, as you do in marketing, than Compfight (searches Flickr) and a post called Stock photos that don’t suck should be your first port of call. You don’t want to have bad stock photos on your site when you’re trying to do a launch in 48 hours.

Chrome Extensions
The folks at Zapier made a great post last year on 10 Setup Tips and 20+ Extensions for the savvy marketer that uses Google Chrome. Check it out. It’s how I stumbled on them almost a year ago.

Bonus Tool – Startup Stash is a new curated directory featuring resources & tools that startups would find helpful.

What are your favourite tools or services to help market a startup?

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  1. Duane Brown

    Never used it but maybe something I can check out on my next SEO project.

  2. Simon

    Thanks for sharing your experience!
    I suggest SerpStat for the beginners. I started with it because it’s quite cheap, but I still like it. It’s also very effective. What do you think about this tool?

  3. Thanks for the Zapier love, Duane, we really appreciate it!

  4. To manage and monitor social media activities, I am really keen on Jootsuite. That’s really cool to have all your feeds in one place and I save so much time with the autoschedule posts feature.

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